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  1. Limer

    A better 6538 project

    I laid the hands on a stone plate and used a match to age it. Originally I was aging the lume a bit, but this came out as a by product. Just be careful, if you over do it, the gold changes its color. Let me know if you need any further assistance. Btw, your build still kills me... I messaged tonny, but didn't get a reply so far.
  2. Limer

    A better 6538 project

    Hit up kilowattore (sorry if spelled wrong). He aged his pretty nicely imo. I managed to age mine a bit with heat, have a look:
  3. Limer

    Rolex 6538 Build Progress

    Thank you! Lets see how it looks when it is finally done.
  4. Limer

    Rolex 6538 Build Progress

    UPDATE: Since I am waiting for the crown to arrive, I finished my 1675. I still could not sit still so I tried a new method of polishing. I used different sand papers and polished with water. I just used cape cod for the last finish. Now it really has a good mirror finish and you could literally see me mirrored in the chamfers when I was taking the picture. Now I just have to be patient....
  5. Limer

    02 September Wrists

    You prefer fatter ones right?
  6. Limer

    02 September Wrists

    I really like it! Chamfers look great.
  7. Limer

    Rolex 6538 Build Progress

    Thanks! Maybe I will up my game a bit in the future and buy some actual equipment. Let's see. Appreciate your comment mate!
  8. Limer

    Rolex 6538 Build Progress

    Thanks! Glad to be here
  9. Hello Everybody! I just joined this Forum and came from RWI. I had a similar post over there but I want to be a part of this community as well so I am sharing it with you, too. It is my first attempt at modding a watch, let me know what you think about it. I started with a watch from m2m which was basically a Silix BC case, brevet crown, DG movement, stock plexi, mercedes hands from raffle. I don't know where the dial came from. I than read somewhere that you can make really nice vintage dials if you just grill it in the oven... It should be noted that I am really in to vintage watches and like it if the dial of a watch is quite aged and has a nice patina. Okey, so I disassembled the watch put the dial in the oven patiently waited besides it for about 10 minutes and nothing happened, so I went away for about 1 minute, came back and it looked like this: The watch simply looked like it was tied to an Afghanistan goats back for 30 years as someone at RWI said. And its true. It looked like a damaged watch. So I decided to further work on it. I got a raffles dial via m2m and while I was waiting for it I further worked on the case. I tried to do the chamfers and the general profile of the case: Even though I liked the case back than I still wasn't quite satisfied with the results. I really like fat chamfers like on the 6200 and actually saw a few 6538 with very wide chamfers. So much variation within those references... The case still didn't have the right look so I further modded it. By that time the raffles dial arrived and since the insert wasn't looking good I got another one that was slightly better. The hands were some I got from StoneP a few months back: As mentioned above I liked well aged dials. That was the complete opposite of what I wanted so I tried to age the dial and hands further, give it a little texture and decided to cut wide chamfers like I wanted from the beginning. I also changed the crystal to a flatter one: I also grilled the bezel retaining ring to give it a more gen look and drilled the lug holes to 1.3mm if I remember correctly since the stock ones where to small. I couldn't find a white lollipop hand that would fit my movement so I painted mine white and aged it a little to match the dial and other hands: After that the new insert arrived. I took of the lume pearl and aged it a tiny little bit, maybe I will do more on that. I also polished the chamfers a bit more: Since the current crown sucks, I decided that I want to get the Athaya brevet crown. I dissembled the watch and drilled and tab the case. Sadly the tube broke when I wanted to screw of the crown, so I ordered a new one. Still have to wait for that one to arrive. I also got the Sternkreuz HW304 crystal. All parts are now waiting for the crown to arrive... It should also be noted that the only tools I used for the case one was my hand drill, some sandpaper, a simple file and cape cod for the polish. Here is a picture of my little baby Sorry for the long read. Will keep you guys updated on the process. Let me know what you think! Looking forward to this community. Cheers, Limer