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  1. Cool, Im having exactly same one coming soon too lol
  2. Hello all!! I have been to this great community for a while and Im about to make my first post here , I've also learned a lot and met many great guys here and I want to special thanks to RoloJack, He is the guy who taught me many about vintage watches and did everything for my built, so after a lot of patient and effort and finally it goes very well and all came together: So here it is our latest project.... The Franken 6263 Bigred.....I hope you guys enjoy it.. Thanks for stopping by Here is the spec of the watch: Based on St-19 Cartel 6263 Gen coronet Gen Crystal Viet Dial (dial works texture and relume by RJ) Case reshape By RJ 700 crown Case engraving for ref.6263
  3. Those are amazing built as always RJ!!! I agree you cant go wrong with Rolojack, its worth the time to wait and you will get your masterpiece so congratz to the owner and wear in good health
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