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  1. Small questions for you daytona connaisseur. I cant take picture rite now since the cam on me phone is [censored]. I have a DW based newman. - DW Panda dial aged by rolexaddict - DW case reshaped by RA - DW pushers and crown - Service T21 - DW thin hands for subdials and DW hands aged by RA - DW Steel Bezel - Ebay 450 bucks bakelite bezel (so i swapp em sometimes) How much could i sell it? I d be looking to sell it against a good gilt based dial or a pepsi 1675 or a good with flat 4 1655 or any good modded / franken vintage rollies since i dont like the panda dial (i know i know). Thing is i have no clue how much it does costs since the DW market is a little crazy with people overpaying em. If you guys have some ideas, it d be hepful!
  2. MyManMatt built me a bad ass Day Date

    Updates : Matt aged the lume, watch is gonna be ready to be shipped. Cant wait
  3. Decals print dials

    This 1675 is a stunner. I just think a less faded (on the blue side) insert would look even more gorgeous. Congrats frenchy lad
  4. Lads you make me wanna have one built! What would be the best cost / quality rate? A cartel one with a new dial?
  5. MyManMatt built me a bad ass Day Date

    Here are the first pics Matt sent me. Watch was finished... But as i am a pain in the [censored] and wanted an early 18038 with an acrylic crystal, matt found me one and is now machining the bezel to fit it. Once again, the built looks gorgeous and Matt is really doing his best to accomodate my needs. I cant wait to get it. I will also have a lovely franken 5513 gilt PCG back from servicing very soon. Here is the built : - Matt case / bezel / crown / bracelet - Gen dial - Gen hands - Sapphir crystal soon to be replaced by an acrylic one - Champagne DWO's
  6. HR 6538 by Rolojack and me

    Gorgeous job, congrats to the two of you ! Man if you sell some dial, i d love to get one for a 1675 buit
  7. MyManMatt built me a bad ass Day Date

    I ll post pictures tonight. Matt is currently doing his best to fit me a plastic crystal! He really is a modder that will try to accomodate your desires the best he can.
  8. MyManMatt built me a bad ass Day Date

    I ll take very nice pictures when i get the watch
  9. Hi from France

    Hello! Happy to join you here, seems less crowded than RWI. Basically from Spain / France. Decided to join to get in touch with MyManMatt but decided to stick here since many nice lads seem to participate
  10. Hello all. This post for a quick follow up of MyManMatt s work. I registered here to get in touch with him, i m active on rwi and thought it d be easier to settle me built here. After long exchanges with matt, probably boring for him, i asked him to build me a 18038 day date. What i asked for? Black dial / yellow gold case / champagne DWOs Matt told me he already had the parts to make it. I was supposed to send him the money a week after our talks, waiting for some funds. Me money arrived later. Meanwhile, Matt decided to built the thing, thinking i let this project down. He sent me a message with the finished product : what a stunner. Money should be wired on his account tomorrow, and i cant wait to get this beauty. I will post heavy pics when i get it. I decided to make this quick post to show it and encourage people to go with this passionate lad.