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  1. Ha! Sounds like you found the one... Mine's in the rotation, maybe every 10 days on gen buffalo for the more relaxed black shoe days at work. S
  2. Thanks, no worries. It's much closer than the last versions. Dial is better (indices the right kinda bold), CG is correctly shaped and non-roller (also correct for H). Lume is excellent and well applied - not quite flat but almost flat, and is perfectly centred on each border bit. Overall is great! S
  3. I've got one - landed a few days ago. Have it on a gen black calf - it's fantastic. Will get some better shots tomorrow but here's a couple for now: S
  4. Thanks for sharing - how's the lume?
  5. I'm thinking of a kevlar strap as I find the watch/dial a bit casual - but still unsure of size!
  6. I've got one en route too - can anyone confirm strap size is 20x18 please? Thanks S
  7. Great shots, a pleasure to look through. Thanks
  8. My bad - I now see it's actually a Paul Picot! Thought it was an Easy Diver first time around... Wear the Picot much?
  9. Hi John Both Cartiers, and just this week a third Santos; the mid-size for the Missus, are from Josh. I do believe most TDs can get them though. They're all the so-called 'ultimates' at around $400 each. They're all on gen straps too (from a Cartier shop). Highly recommend both the watches and the gen straps. S
  10. One of three to arrive today: I love it! If you're on the fence about one of these; get off it and get one! Thanks for watching... S
  11. Thanks for sharing Bud, nice collection. What are your thoughts of the R Doobey? Always been tempted but never got round to getting one. S
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