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  1. For all of the experts out there, can anyone confirm that this insert looks like a GEN service insert? I would rather not overspend for something from Cartel or other sources. I still am trying to figure out how all you figure out the small nuances between the different type of inserts. I believe the seller when he says that it is a GEN service insert, but given my level of skill in identifying differences, I would feel a lot better with some other confirmation. The seller just overlayed the bezel on his sub to show the look and it does not have a pearl for those wondering. Finally any ideas o
  2. I love the replies. Looks like the overwhelming consensus is to totally go for GEN if able. I'm curious about the short dramatic lives of the Michael Young crystal. Did it just fail or what caused the issues?
  3. Awesome! Pardon my ignorance, where might I source a Michael Young crystal?
  4. Thanks for the info. I didn't know that about the older crystals not having a "black hole". Is there a supplier of aftermarket crystals that does top hat?
  5. I'm curious about the 1680 and it's crystal. Is it really worth spending $150+ on a GEN crystal when there are replacement T-127 crystals all over the web for $25 or less? I've read some info about a "Black Hole" and witnessed it with a 1680 that I had briefly last year. As I begin this new build, just thought I would solicit some info from all of you experts that know way more than me.
  6. Why did it take 3 times? Who did you buy from?
  7. I'm going to purchase a jk factory 1665 for an upcoming build. My question is there any mods that need to be done to fit 26.5mm dials? I'm thinking I will get a dial from Minh and don't really want to have to make major changes to it or the case if I don't have to. Also is there a TD that anyone recommends over the others? I've been in contact with Mary, Toro, and Sead. They all seem about the same price and all claim they can get the JK Factory 1665.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Do you know if the hands will fit a ETA 2879 as well?
  9. This is a dumb question, but who makes a good set of hands for the 2879 that I could put in a nice 1665 I'm trying to get parts for?
  10. I'm also interested in this. Any experts out there want to chime in?
  11. I love the insert. Did you do that yourself? If so, how? I picked up a 1680 last week and it has a brownish tropical insert. I'd love to see if I could make it look more like this faded one.
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