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  1. Mine say hello ... Envoyé de mon moto g(7) power en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. Thanks ... apart from the engravements the 6694 case is pretty the same as 6429. My case is a Rep one (unfortunately out of stock) and the only mod I did is thin the lugs a bit, brush the upper side and drill the lugs to 1.00mm. Depending on the build looks when finished I'll re-engrave (or not) the case and caseback. Envoyé de mon moto g(7) power en utilisant Tapatalk
  3. Hmmm ... I finally sourced a steel second hand that fit my 1975 Russian movement. So all parts are there ... - 6694 watch case and crown - no-date plexi (don't even remember the ref) - 19mm rivet bracelet - 1975 Raketa handwind movement - custom made 6429 dial - handset but they are still in a box as I have delayed that "Commando" because of others projects .. Now all I need to do is, basically : - enlarge the lume holes of hour and minute hand (really easier that it sounds) - lume handset and dial - check the movement and regulate it
  4. Too bad ... FIRST lesson is "good and clean place = good and clean work" ... I learned that one from direct experience Keep the link as it gives really good advices aboutu "how to position this or that" ... using that document you could desassemble and reassemble a 28xx keyless works in less than 5 minutes and get perfect results. Just take note that the movement used in that tuto is a no-date so the combined setting lever jumper has only 2 positions on the setting lever spring (setting + winding). Have a look at the last pic and you will see how the U-spring should go to left o
  5. Problem YES but not big at all as you can fix it yourself with the good informations. Here you go http://kronometric.org/article/eta/eta_keyless_assy.html Of course you'll have to first remove the date wheel if your movement have one and you're ready to go. I've never worked on 2846s (only 2836s and 2834s) but I've read somewhere here that some of those have hacking function. If your movement was hacking (before you screwed the keyless works of course) then take care of placing the hacking lever in the clutch groove before putting everything back. If you don't r
  6. Beautifully watch !!! It may be just me but ... doesn't something look sort of strange with the plexi on side views ? Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. You CAN shave down a caseback. I did that on my Daytona and slimmed it down about 2 mm (1.5 at the least). And redoing the brushed part is easily doable with 320 sandpaper. The only problem is you will change the profile of the caseback (increase the diameter of the flat part). Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. Na I'll relume it myself but I have to finish a custom vintage diver for a friend before (yesterday I achieved a domed negative gild dial ... will show that beauty somewhere on the forum). BTW ... the hands you sent me are really great .. I've just had to rework the hour wheel and the cannon pinion a little as the hands are 1.50/ 0.90 and the movement specs are 1.60/1.02. At first I wanted to enlarge the hand holes but it proved to be easier to sand the hour wheel to 1.50 and the cannon pinion to 0.90. Of course I took some pics along the work and I'll post everything wh
  9. Better and better M !!! Congrats [emoji6] Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. Hi M ... I would say clone I'd be happy if I could get one [emoji39] GEN CLONE Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. Another way is to build a custom dial spacer, same diameter than the BP dial so larger than the new dial. That's what I did for my A/6538 build ... dial was 26mm and smaller than the inside diameter of the rehaut (26.3mm) and it worked perfectly. If you look closely @8:00 on the pic below you can see the tiny gap between the dial and the rehaut ... I've been really happy to achieve that.
  12. It depends ... which movement is used in that watch ? Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
  13. You could have kept the lug-holes and build an early 16800 ... Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk
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