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  1. There's not only Reps ... There's not only mechanics. Sometimes you meet a quartz gen and you love it. Thus l'm glad to present to you, coming out of the drawer and freshly refurbished, my Casio Pro-Trek PRT-50 (year 1997). Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. Pressure tester is in my DIY list and probably a timegrapher
  3. I wont dive with such a watch [emoji23] Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. If you can show us the bezel construction an confirm if the crystal pops off or not when releasing the bezel (seen something about that problem on RWI). Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Hi@Revere ... it seems we're working on very close projects. 6429 ... 16800 ... what else ? [emoji3] I achieved a 16800 Comex (1984 year glossy dial) for my son last month but it was a very low budget (though I was happy enough with the result). Now I'm waiting for the JF16610LN release to build one for myself ... probably an early model so a matte dial. Hope you will post some pics of your 16800 "work in progress" [emoji6] Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. Sanding the engravement on rehaut is a 10 minutes work ... very easy. Drilling the lugs ?... All you need is a 30$ "dremel kike", a 50$ drill stand, a 15$ adapter and a 10$ st of 1.2mm HS drill bits ... 105$ altogether. So get an old cheapie or a canal street, ruin it while training, then get your nice 16610 and drill the lugs yourself. Just get your 93150 bracelet and endlinks before drilling so you can drill in the right position. Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. Black is Back Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. NOPE ... or unsure You have to set TIME (not date) : - counterclockwise >>> 3035 - clock wise >>> 3135 And to be completely certain you have to check the engravement @6 ... So could you please ask your friend ? I suppose when the PO writes "Wings on SEL" he refers to the "wings" of the endlinks If the only differences between a 16800 case and a 16610 case proved to be only : - the height of the rehaut - the "Rolex ..." engravement on the rehaut - the drilled lugs then I would consider that, albeit QueTip clear-cut opinion, that the JF16610LN could be a good start watch for a 16800 build (not Franken of course). @QueTip ... You said everything is wrong on a JF16610 case for such a build I'm not tying to argue with you ... I am just here to learn about watches So could you please explain us what is definitely so wrong (besides the rehaut height, the engravement and the non-drilled lugs) ?
  9. Thanks for the feedback ... I'll ask Ken to quote me the lumework. About the 6249 dial rarity I would say YES !!! That watch was, as far as I know, sort of a stripped handwind 34mm Explorer I. I'll use that one as a start watch ... or probably it's twin sister because since I received it I really enjoy wearing it. I'll have to rework the cade and bezel and pop the cyclop off. I'm still trying to source a correct (an affordable) handset but it seems very difficult to get baton hands the same lenght and width as Commando hands. So if anybody has an idea just fell free to PM me [emoji16] Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. Today is D-BLUE day Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. I had a 6538 and a 5513 left together in a drawer. I wonder what they did but here's what I found this morning. Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. Kent did a wonderfull job and considering the quality $142.50 is a very fair price IMHO. Do you know if he works on rep dials ? I have a DIY 6249 Commando dial and I'm quite certain my skills are far to low to lume that one correctly. Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk Stupid me I think, cause Whoopy dials are REPs ... aren't they ? Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  13. Great watch and great build !!! Congratulations [emoji4] If you dont mind I'd like to know how much Everest Watches charged for the relume (which looks quite perfect IMHO). Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  14. + 100 Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk @Pombok ... if you can check the engravement in the case @6 you only need to remove the bracelet. Its the only place, as far as I know, where the 168000 have the "+0". Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk
  15. Sorry for self quoting ... and@QueTip will correct me if I write compete [censored] [emoji6] Movement ??? @Pombok ... could you ask your friend if he can check which movement is in his watch ? If I'm true ... 16800=3035 / 168000=3135 I think it can be checked even whitout opening the watch. On a 16800 the crown should sit about the center height of the case. On a 168000 the crown should sit a little lower ... the 3135 movement being a little thicker. Envoyé de mon XT1068 en utilisant Tapatalk