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  1. Pombok

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    No I think it is the right diameter already.
  2. Pombok

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    The case needs to be tapped and countersunk. The crown is stock ARF, I put it next to my gen 704 crown and man, there is no difference whatsoever. The DW in mine is still ARF stock, I don’t think I’ll overlay a gen DW. Now this watch is waterproof it’s finished for me. Gen crystal, gen click springs, WSO gen spec tube, HE valve has been bonded shut from the inside with marine grade super glue. All 5 crown and tube gaskets in place. I’m finished :-)
  3. Pombok

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    Tripdog did the work for me:
  4. Pombok

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    I had to have my SD43 tapped and countersunk to accept a gen spec 7030 tube. The ARF stock tube is poorly glued in there and certainly not reliably water resistant. I used loctite blue on the tube thread plus all 5 gaskets to seal her up tight.
  5. Pombok

    Current status of trusted dealers

    Ryan’s service is still good.
  6. Pombok

    Rolex 16610 Mod required EU/HK

    I’ve sent you a PM, I can do this for you.
  7. Pombok

    Rolex Wristies thread

    Maxi LN ...
  8. Pombok

    Arrived today, ARF SD43 V2

    I think the date wheel font is good, however the numbers are not ‘gloss’ like the gen date wheel numbers which can catch the light very slightly.
  9. Pombok

    Arrived today, ARF SD43 V2

    Yes sir
  10. Pombok

    Arrived today, ARF SD43 V2

    In the end I didn’t think the date wheel needed modding; what do you think?
  11. Ahhhh now you’ve got me reconsidering my original decision! I imagine the new 116610’s are going to take a few months to settle down anyway... I guess I’ll pip for the SD43 !
  12. @Legend what’s your opinion on the XF dial, I’ve read it more ‘wet look’ and better than the JF.
  13. The ARF is widely regarded as an incredible ootb rep. I’ve seen a few people remove the cyclops on it too and it looks amazing. I’ve been very close to buying it, but I prefer my 40mm rollie’s and the Noob V9 sub and New ARF sub are about to hit the market with 3135’s, I’m waiting impatiently!
  14. This is a pretty common issue, would be great to hear from some of our experienced modders.
  15. Pombok

    SH3130 in Noob 114060, movement retaining

    Thanks man, I’ve just added gen hands to this now and will wait for the ARF 114060 to be released and will swap everything in to the ARF.