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  1. No stem issues. All the previously mentioned movements are identical in dimensions.
  2. It’s all documented here: http://www.phfactor.net/wtf/Rolex%202/Rolex%20Parts/1500%20movement/?C=S;O=D
  3. Have him remove this lip on the lathe. The tube will sit flat and doesn’t change the case. Easy
  4. It’s definitely not “just the same movement.” They share 90% of the same parts but there are extra/different parts to add the 24hr function. I don’t have my manuals on hand to tell you exactly which ones but that is how it works on the 31xx calibers (and pretty much ALL “families” of calibers as well). There is a base design and slight variations for different functions. You can use a 1570 and modify it with the alternate pieces. So yes it will transplant but no, not directly.
  5. Why would you want to downgrade a 1570 to a 1520? It’s an inferior movement technology wise. But yes, it can be done by swapping the appropriate parts.
  6. Any watching maker capable of servicing a genuine 4130 will be capable of servicing this one properly. Gen parts are available but expensive. Hopefully they will sell individual movements at which point spare rep parts will be available. Any chronograph, but ESPECIALLY modular chronos like the LWO283, should be run periodically to spread the oil and keep it viscous. Never running it because you’re afraid to use it will only cause the oil to dry faster, shortening its service life.
  7. 4130 ... dunno what happened there and edit post wasn’t available.
  8. At least getting it looked over. All three I’ve done so far had issues. Some easily fixed but without a source for rep parts gen might be the only solution and they’re pricey parts. Usuallly 2x what a 3135 part would be. Just be careful who you use. The 423 is not for the inexperienced. It’s critical to oil (and not oil!) the correct areas.
  9. Movement materials are quite a jump over SH3135. Nearly all gen parts do work. Some of the bridges were a bit of a struggle to fit. Gen autowind is a straight swap. Not sure about putting in a gen balance. I really don’t see much that needs upgrading besides Autowind, jumper for minute counter, setting jumper, setting lever. Only downside is the build QC of the movement. 2 of mine came with rusty autowind parts. One was seized and the rotor didn’t even wind. One click spring was snapped, one setting lever busted, so... yeah.
  10. Oh that’s too funny. Yeah you missed me by about 6 months.
  11. Yeah. It was generating WAY too much interest for a guy with a full time job and interests outside watchmaking so I turned it off.
  12. Here is my baby: Vietnam Case Gen 93150 bracelet Gen crown/tube Gen matte meters first dial(!) Gen 1520 movement Gen service insert Rep hands (boooo) All the tritium fell off the dial indices but I still like it. I just need some nice tritium hands and maybe a tritium insert (or at least a pearl)
  13. http://www.startimesupply.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=RTAP60&Store_Code=1&search=Rolex+Tap&offset=&filter_cat=&PowerSearch_Begin_Only=
  14. Have you tried putting it in the date change setting and turning the crown the opposite way?
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