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  1. TickleShoes

    3135 interchange..

    Oh that’s too funny. Yeah you missed me by about 6 months.
  2. TickleShoes

    3135 interchange..

    Yeah. It was generating WAY too much interest for a guy with a full time job and interests outside watchmaking so I turned it off.
  3. TickleShoes

    3135 interchange..

    Yuki/SH3135 yes. SA3135 no.
  4. TickleShoes

    Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    Here is my baby: Vietnam Case Gen 93150 bracelet Gen crown/tube Gen matte meters first dial(!) Gen 1520 movement Gen service insert Rep hands (boooo) All the tritium fell off the dial indices but I still like it. I just need some nice tritium hands and maybe a tritium insert (or at least a pearl)
  5. TickleShoes

    Online source for 3.0mm X .35mm tap?

  6. TickleShoes

    1655 Movement Swiss Eta 2836 Modded to 1570 Calibre

    Have you tried putting it in the date change setting and turning the crown the opposite way?
  7. V6S or V7. Newer Noob cases will even fit a gen movement perfectly. Good luck.
  8. TickleShoes

    My Rolex 116610LV

    you never cease to amaze me!
  9. TickleShoes

    SH3132 movement issue

    And be sure that the gain is adjusted on your timegrapher properly. I’ve chased problems that didn’t exist because there was “noise” in the reading.
  10. TickleShoes

    Yuki and JF 3135 are they the same?

    The earlier the version the better it’ll fit. As time has gone on they’ve gotten worse and worse. The V5 and lower are great. V6 OK, V7 is a pain in the ass but doable.
  11. TickleShoes

    Gen Rolex 3135 Issues

    My guess is that it’s magnetized. Sudden and extreme positive rate increases are almost always magnetism.
  12. TickleShoes

    Genuine 3186 movement

    I had to machine a movement ring to keep the movement center as the hole is slightly too big and also lift the gen 3185 "away" from the crystal just a bit. That lined the stem up correctly. There is a slight gap but I used black acetal so you barely notice it.
  13. TickleShoes

    Yuki and JF 3135 are they the same?

    Yes, that an SH/Yuki movement
  14. TickleShoes

    Where to purchase a 3135 clone movement

    Actually they're $385 serviced or $275 factory. I just leave the original prices on the website because I've gotta deal with non-forum members which is a bit riskier Still reasonable to buy a JF and part it out, no doubt, but they still need a servicing.
  15. TickleShoes

    Eta 28xx DWO tips...

    I've seen some extra tall dial spacers but haven't found them to purchase separately. Likely the rep makers include them in certain builds. I wish they were available on the open market. Another consideration is that any additional height added to the dial will start to offset the stem placement. I'm currently experiencing that with an SD4k. Used an extra tall dial spacer thinking "why not" and now the stem won't insert. Just gotta find time to rip it apart and start over :/