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  1. Haven't contributed to one of these in a while Sorry for the crappy pics:
  2. Dani, I haven't really been active on these forums lately but my first thought was of you and other Norwegian members here. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and that your country can heal from this horrific tragedy.
  3. Haven't been around in a while (all gens now) but - I totally agree. I popped on to a number of the boards a few weeks back because that's where I learned more about movements and history than I ever could have through "traditional" methods. Sadly... it seems that's dried up...
  4. Beautiful pair!! Love these ! (PS- long time no see all...)
  5. The Omega BOR or straight "toothed" bracelets are of excellent quality... I'll try to dig up my source who has generics and NOS gen Omega parts for those of you who, like myself, breathed life back into a dead Omega (or just acquired an Omega 30T2SCRG ) and want to spice it up. The replating thing is awesome... Too bad about the finickiness of the process at the moment...
  6. Ah I haven't logged on in a while but I see that not much has changed... If it's true about the 'Fish that's a bummer... Awesome rep... I had one of the first blue 'Fish (ha) released and it was fantastic. I detest gen Breitlings but that was the only watch from Breitling that I ever felt impressed enough to have plunked down for a 95% condition first gen. genuine SFSO...
  7. Holy facebook batman...

    1. plaifender


      that's what i said...

  8. Steve- Good to hear you're doing well... good luck with the studies and collecting!! S.
  9. Freddy's estimate is probably pretty good... I'd be fascinated it it went over $1,500
  10. Crap I've got an order pending with him....he better not have ducked and ran lol
  11. Don't buy from Eurotimez...buy from a trusted dealer.
  12. Longines.... it might be my unbridled hatred of TAG coming out but...Longines.
  13. TK has always been a gentleman in deals - southern charm to be sure! Congrats on 1000!!!
  14. Thanks O/S- I'd be interested in helping!
  15. Don't we have one here? I dont think it's updated at all but I think we have the infrastructure for it....good idea!
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