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  1. My friend ARF/JF are not siezed or raided. They are business as usual. Why would you think this?
  2. Hello. This is from the GMT 9000 clone but I think the rotor winding bridge is the same. This is what how gears set up should look like. The tricky part is getting the bridge back on movement without the gears moving out of place. I had bridge facing up and carefully placed movement facing down on top of bridge and it lined up. I’m sure there’s another way but I got lucky here. I hope this helps.
  3. Mike, thanks so much for the time and effort again to put up another great GTG! Great venue, drinks n food. Even great people Something always cool about sharing our "exclusive" watch hobby. We should try and do 2 a year. Cheers, Frank
  4. Hey Mike, Thanks so much for putting this together again! I'm there. If ok I'll bring a few Rollie's n AP I'd like to sell between us. Just have too many. See you all there! -Frank
  5. I have the earlier 5004 and the hands were slightly narrower. I think in 2012 the 5004 (faux PR) was updated to slightly wider hands, and better lume too. I have both versions.
  6. I was gonna ask about the finish too. I've read that the V5 has a smoother or more gen like finish compared to the noob 3.5/4.1. How is the case and bezel finishing on V5 comapred to the new 5.1? Thanks!
  7. Hey DJ. It's magnificent! Any newer pics with the updated CDG plate finish installed. Much appreciated !
  8. I thought J12 Chanel factory makes the FC V3 and SS V5 (and new 44mm FC) ?
  9. Hey DJ. It's magnificent! Any newer pics with the updated CDG plate finish installed. Much appreciated !
  10. A special thanks again to Mike for putting in the tedious time and passion for another great GTG. Great venue, drink, food, watches, and the company even better. It was great seeing a couple of the old guys and the pleasure if meeting some new ones. Looking forward to the next one!
  11. Hey Mike! I'm there. Thank you for setting this up again!! See you gents there.
  12. Chiman you've got all the right parts now for the ultimate franken! Kudos. Theres no mistaking the depth and bold font of the gen insert. Agree the noob DSSD case and especially first bracelet link is the most accurate. How do I remove bezel assy on my noob DSSD? Tried to pull off with much force but no luck. Any tips? Thanks.
  13. That makes sense. Thanks for the info, Jkay
  14. Very nice indeed. Can anyone tell us if this new Josh/Trusty DSSD is made by Noob of BP? Thanks!
  15. The first pic is certainly a different watch. The finish on the bracelet is perfection--and no scratches like in the other pics. I'd say the first pic is a gen, rest is a rep..
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