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  1. Greetings, just wanted to clarify to anyone who is replacing a seconds wheel in their eta 2836-2/2834-2 movement that one from a 2824-2 will not work!!!! as it will not accept the seconds hand as the top pivot is shorter. I did not know this even though I should have suspected it as the 2836 is thicker than the 2824 allowing for that extra height. I ordered a generic one on ebay which was advertised for eta 2824-2/2836-2/2834-2 which I thought contained tallest one to suffice for each of these movements. but they are not!!!!! Yesterday evening I replac
  2. New Years greetings to you ALL! Anyone ever had experience with a threaded gold crown ( crown no longer screws onto case tube)? Can the internal threads of crown that mates onto tube be reconditioned on the inside? My understanding is that they are gold capped with a normal metal sleeve that contains threads! Due to the drying market of parts, was hoping that something could be done as the aftermarket ones with the logo are plated and buying a good second hand one could be risky with how much life they have resulting from wear and tear! thanks!
  3. I like many or all of you have a liking of wrist watches because we all have a special taste in the traditional watch as it has been known since the very wrist watch hit the market some two centuries ago! We have that special bond between what was once known as an item privileged only to a small number of people who were able to afford to buy one and be able to keep it by the maintenance costs of being able to keep using it for what it was designed for. Back in the 1950;'s or even 1960's not every one could afford a watch!! it was also something that was meant to last and be h
  4. thanks! I had seen ofrei, but they have a minimum order of USD18 and a minimum international order shipping cost of USD9.77 . They also come in 1.5 and 1.7 mm in size! I Am not sure what the right size is as the balance side on my movement surprisingly has a different setup like the incabloc gate style,! I don’t want to remove the broken spring to measure it as I could cause further damage and still not know size! I may be pushing it, but if I can find the right size Info, it will help a lot as other sources I found sell by size, thanks!
  5. Greetings guys, picked up an old running rado with an 2824-2 From a local pawnbroker last Friday because the price seemed ok, as I thought of using for it for parts! Upon inspection When I removed the dial, I noticed that the 3 pointed novodiac spring holding the end stone had one of the corners broken (missing) but was mysteriously still holding the Jewel in place! Not sure if it broke from a fall or installation from when it was last serviced! 😲 My question now is has anyone ever seen something like this and will it cause a problem if not replaced ? It seems to h
  6. This is a topic that gives me nightmares! I recall something about this some 10 years ago on this very forum! This is made worse if you have a solid gold case where the threads seem rough on the first couple of turns (when you start closing the back) and then start to squeak and vibrate as you keep turning! However, as soon as you are about compress the gasket it seems to feel normal and smoother! Very strange indeed! Heard that this is normal with gold cases, but am not so sure, I know nothing about threads!
  7. Guys, thanks for your feedback! Much appreciated!
  8. I am no expert in watchmaking and have learnt most of what I know here on this forum! I was even able to service my first manual watch Fhf from what I learnt from you! Thank you! i began to use a product called epilame ( like episerf ) as mentioned here on several occasions to inhibit the smearing of oil on pallet stones! My question is what existed before epilame was used on pallet stones before applying the 9415.? Can we get away without it If we were just to apply the oil? Anyone done this and have you seen any significant disadvantages from doing this!? tha
  9. Ditto !!! Well, at least you still have an education system, but we lost ours a long time ago!!!. When we had schools and universities (colleges etc) we actually were learning something!! Nowadays, it has become big, big business with the introduction of so many junk courses which only serve to provide $$$$$ for those running the show. Even in the trade industries, you have to inherit an opportunity to learn and qualify to fix a car or wire a house as most apprentices through a proper trade qualifying system are only passed onto family or very close connections as no trade school in
  10. well I am glad there are those that speak my language! I could not have put it better myself! the 116610 is ok????, well I will keep my opinion t myself! then I could be wrong, because we are living in a better world, mass unemoloyment, COVID pandemic, insecurity, but wait there is more!! rolex cutting off parts to independents, the new age of disposable cars, not sure if there will be a future mustang from a future Steve McQueen for later generations to see. supermodels tattooed from head to tow, The attractive brazilian wax and Wait ev
  11. The first watch that got me into replicas before I sold off my genuine was the 16610. I have owned just about everyone of them from various sellers except the MB’W. I just had too many and needed to keep just the one that gave me the same buzz as my genuine! I then narrowed them down to just two of them which were the noobmariner F521107 with trimmed c/w ‘s and the yuki2836-2 version which I built myself. I then felt comfortable selling off the ones that were sitting in my shelf including the genuine that were just hoarding up a LOT of dead money which was better spent for my family,s
  12. thanks!! now I don't feel as bad for having paid what I thought was too much! I thought it was too good to be true as I do not score any points on any of those 3 catches! It is strike 3 and out for me😳
  13. those prices are quite good! I paid the mainspring alone $22 from my supply house and there were only three of them left. As for the timed and regulated balance complete. $32? That is good too! Over a year ago, I could only buy it online in India which came in a yellow type of plastic box $45 plus $20 delivery! Just over double you quoted! But this came with an incabloc, so I can’t be too choosy! Lots of people are making Easy money and not just Rolex associated
  14. Thanks! 10 dollars seems rather good price! Is it a clone part? I was thinking about a clone MS as they are cheaper and just a spring that would best be replaced at its next service! I am not sure if the clone Springs would be lubricated and would they fit straight into the barrel straight from the package like the genuine? One of the reasons I opted for a genuine! i never hand wind these automatics because of the reverser wheels being so fickle and not only expensive but now becoming near impossible to get!
  15. Thank you ! Thank you! I will try it, as I just cannot see why one needs a hundred different types of oils when what you say has always worked! the wealth of information found here, makes this more of a group of scientists than watch makers/hobbyists, I feel privileged!
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