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  1. Very valid points!! i myself had these issues in the past! I noticed that if the movement is not held firmly by case ring screwed in properly)I seem to have issues where the stem does not always seem to pull out into the right position! You have lateral play and this causes stretch on your keyless works! When you cut the stem, do you measure it with case ring tightly fixed or with the dial just in position of dial seat where stem is just slightly longer pushing against the case? I have had this problem also if the stems are generics or faulty! Sometimes i
  2. This one is a hard call from just these pictures! Bracelet is no doubt a replica, even if one were to contemplate white gold as this type of bracelet seems to have the design of a later model! The Helvetia hallmark as stamped here was replaced by the St. Bernard dog head on this type of bracelet! So that rules out the bracelet for me! The watch itself may tell another story as one striking feature on the exploded image of the movement shows the cap jewel spring exactly the same as the Zenith eta 2832 that I once owned! The picture of the collette wheel which is covered bythe
  3. Gentlemen, thanks for your input! my failure is towards the end of the last turn while feeding in the mainspring! Just as I am turning the last part that latches onto the arbor,it gets a sharp bend and breaks!! Maybe it is that I am not putting enough pressure on the initial turns that makes it hard for that last loop to go in? Or maybe arthritis in fingers compounded by carpel tunnel or even lack of skills! Thanks for your support!
  4. Well, I was in two minds whether to vent here about something that I have always been unsuccessful in my horological journey! I have over the years managed to pull apart and put together many watch movements from most of what I have learnt here and from the good will of other members volunteering their knowledge and patience! During any of my services , I have only been successful in removing a mainspring and only have been able to put it back in the barrel with the plunger tool that is specifically made for the eta 2824 which I bought o eBay many moons ago! Ch
  5. Gentlemen I would firstly like to express again my thanks for your input towards my problem !!! I spent the last 2 weeks pulling the whole thing apart and re serviced the mechanism myself, after inspecting every single part . it turns out that the 3rd wheel pivot was worn and was causing side shake. It had enough power to get the pallet moving but then recoiled upon losing energy. At first I thought it was the mainspring that was broken or perhaps even the reverser wheels not transmitting energy to the mainspring, hence not forwarding enough power to the m
  6. Thanks for your reply! I disassembled the keyless works to clean them again too so that I also put enough lubrication in the joining parts! in fact this is my only mvt that has flawless keyless works! All my other 28xx series have faulty/worn keyless works. No matter how many times i reposition the parts, they always go out of place after a couple of uses as stem also pops out and Setting lever needs to be pushed in from the side! I was once recommended that lithium white grease is better for hardwearing parts! going back to the movt stopping, my only other theor
  7. I just assembled (not the 1st) 2836-2 upon replacing a part ( correct part ) after a thorough clean and oiling. It kicked start brilliantly !!!!!🙂 Weird part is that upon setting the time with the winding stem, caused the balance wheel to stop.~~🤢 My first thought was that the hack lever may have got dislodged, so I removed the barrel bridge to see if this were the case!!!!. No ~ ~ all good with everything in it's right place!!! So I tried to re- set time again & same thing happened!!!🙄 Removed the barrel bridge off again to remove the hack lever
  8. Good point to investigate before purchasing !!!! I myself discovered a while back that apart from the obvious differences between the 28xx ( : | xx := 24 , the 34 v 36 ) is that the hour wheel and seconds wheel come in different heights!! However the other parts in which the escape wheel as catalogued by eta packaging is only one according to the following website; https://evergreenparts.de/spare-parts-for-ETA-2824-2 quotes also that the part number # ETA 2801 #705 (176027) is interchangeable with 2801-2 2804-2 2824-2 2834-2 2836-2
  9. Very valid points!!!👍 when you think of it, any product that does not have a parts availability is disposable! Period!! A perfect example from the early 1990s was those no name electrical appliances found in Aldi or disposal stores that although seemed to be good value, served their purpose until they broke down and the whole item needed to be replaced as there were no parts sales! We labeled them back then as pure JUNK! At least their prices reflected their strategy! Here instead we have expensive junk! The Swiss industry have done this as a clever
  10. My commiserations!! I had a similar event 18 months ago, with a seconds wheel! Try getting a seconds wheel for the day date version -34 or -36 and you never need to chop onions ! This is not advice. But my opinion only! I would not bother looking for a spare as you would pay almost one fifth of the value of the movement! Better to replace the complete movement with a new one without tags if you cannot live without a 28xx series or it is the only movement that fits your project! Keep the other for spares as it will be handy! Surely lightening will not strike twice w
  11. Totally agree !!!!!! In my opinion the 2783 was the best module of the mechanical watch world outside the inhouse brand watches prior the the quartz invasion. They were robust well designed ( incabloc setting) and easy to work with unlike the later generation higher beat 2824-2 where they are a pain in the A$5 to work on during a service!!! Most newer 2824 are a pain with their novodiac cap jewel spring flying off if you are not super careful , near impossible to replace the balance wheel without high risk damage the hair spring and their flimsy keyless works developing easy st
  12. I myself purchased from them a speed master with the st1902 as a gift for a family member , just before Christmas and it safely arrived in mid January! When it arrived I was very pleased & impressed with the packaging and the watch itself! Have not heard back from the recipient, so I believe all is well! I first learnt of them as trusted members from the forum! I purchased circa 2005 from them and had been very pleased with all transactions including one where I was not initially happy with, which they went beyond to fix the problem! They even sent me a replacement befo
  13. thank you for the information! Very valid points indeed! I checked the train wheel works without the pallet and it spins freely without any issues I can immediately see when trying to wind the mainspring! However I am inclined to go along with your suggestion of the seconds wheel being the issue as I needed to replace it some months ago and could only get a clone generic. So as you say it may well be a tad too tall as it was labeled for eta 2801,2836-2 2824-2 and as I found out with an eta 2836-2 that the seconds wheel was in my case too short in not allowing the second had to
  14. thank you for your input! Before responding to your reply, I wanted to leave no stone unturned in taking my time to inspect every single wheel and pivot being free from any debris or lint, making sure nothing is causing any obstructions! I reassembled it again and the pallet fork did kick upon testing it so I placed the balance assembly! It ran for a little while and was optimistic that I had resolved the problem until the same thing happened before I first posted my enquiry! I am not so sure what is happening as it might be something to do with the keyless works as they seem wo
  15. Greetings,, just had an issue with a 2801 manual movement after reassembly from cleaning. Got to oil it and upon running, it stops almost immediately. The only issue I noticed is that the escape wheel just rocks backwards and forwards without moving in it's circular orbit to make the seconds wheel turn. I believe the roller jewel is in the pallet fork but this seems strange. Has anyone ever had this issue as it is the first for me after having cleaned and oiled over 20 similar movements? Seems rather odd to me unless there is something that I do not know. Thanks for any i
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