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  1. I agree except that I am not a fan of their horrible diashock spring jewel above the escape wheel! In my opinion they are worse than the novodiac flower prong spring over the balance end stone! Not much point having a lyre spring on their balance and not avoid a different horror! if I were to be perfectly honest, the 15xx movements do nothing for me apart that Rolex uses them as their yardstick and keep the market inflated, so I would never lose my money on them I pulled apart an omega caliber chronometer 551 and it was such a joy to work on! I do not recall any complexities apart that the rotor post and rotor gib could have been avoided! Maybe I am wrong, but I like it miles better than the Rolex 15xx caliber which I fail to see why it is rated as a world better!
  2. I wished!! The instructions I have read seem more like that of an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie! Why aren’t these damn things sold as a complete assembly like those Asian clones sends me in a tailspin! I have also learnt that some professional watchmakers refuse to replace the balances and then who would buy these separate parts if they are such a pain. The chances of damaging them is quite high
  3. I have successfully removed a hairspring from a Tissot balance assembly with a great deal of playing around. I am attaching a new hair spring to the bridge from information which I happened to get here from an older post Thanks.🙂 BTW it is a 2824-2 Tissot balance assembly which is the one that has no screw to release the stud from the bridge. I had to somehow make a tool ( a screw driver with an indent like a fork) to twist it off. I have managed to feed the new hair spring into the regulator pins but I am having a hard time pushing in the stud into the two fingers of the bridge. I backed off before I cause damage to the new hair spring. It is a nuisance that they do not sell them genuine already assembled. Anyone ever done this without using some "proper" tool for this. I guess there is a "proper tool" as I cannot see any other way to press fit this stud in? Sorry as my questions keep getting weird! Thanks again guys.
  4. Greetings fellow members, I am not sure how many of you who like the older style Tudors and Rolex ( or any vintage watch equipped with a dial composed of radium applied lume) work on your own watch? I see that the radium on these timepieces no longer lumens like it was designed to be, however, the radium is still as deadly as the first day it was painted on, when considering it's half life is beyond ours., Even though we have all been warned to be careful not to breathe the radium dust that falls off the numerals or indices, when dismantling these tickers, but how do you deal with any dust that we cannot see that falls into the movement and then into our cleaning machine and anywhere else for that matter?. I have also read that some even spray a lacquer of clear over the dials to trap in the radium, yet radium will burn through it just the same! It is often argued on many other webpages that as long as the radium dial is covered with the front crystal etc etc, you are safe. I do not necessarily agree with this as dust will always be present and falling off the dial as the numerals deteriorates. For example dust can still fall out when pulling out the crown stem which although microscopic, this is still an issue as any amount is always hazardous. Maybe I am being somewhat nutty here, but I do feel for those professional watchmakers who have dealt with this in the past and those that continue to do so, especially with those very very expensive timepieces that still fetch over the 5 digit premiums.
  5. I think OP is referring to the replaced mvt with that problem. however it seems very strange that it stops a week or so later! One would expect it to happen 12 or 24 hours later even if it grew hairs inside!
  6. I just hate driving out of town for 2 hours, but on this occasion, it paid dividends. I finally got an answer to my movement regulation problem & discovered something interesting about the Wyler brand and of the different automatic mechanism they patented. I was happy to see that this 90 + gentleman is still with us and of the conversation we had. In particular I was blown away with his story of what I mentioned in my previous post of his most challenging experience while learning his art, that his master gave him a hair spring that was twisted and made up like into a ball. His mission to pass was to get it straight, reshape it and get it working again. He had to replace it in the balance wheel and Collette and get it right with the screwed in balance weights. He then had to set it in beat getting it half way between the banking pins and got it accurate to almost chronometer level. That is BRAIN SURGERY of the trade area. It would not pay for anyone to do this today, as it would cost a fortune, but good skill developing. By the way for those are not teetotallers, I would try a sip of Strega Liqueur especially for the winter months as it is a good pick-me-up. Disclaimer I have no vested interest in this . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strega_(liqueur)
  7. I didn't want to hijack my own previous post "mvt wont regulate?" so I thought I would start this new title which may be of some interest to those that have a liking for tool watches. My visit with the old time family friend watchmaker Luigi became very interesting when we were speaking of Rolex watches and how I was into the Franken watch version of the Rolex. He was very open minded about this topic and liked my F520117 noobmariner (courtesy of Alligoat) very much with how it served my purpose. He said to me whatever makes you happy is what matters. I would have worn something like that myself. He then pulled out of his drawer a couple of watches to show me which he valued as special to him, not because of any monetary worth, but because he thought were very under rated for what they were. They were a couple of 1930's watches known as "Wyler" They were both rectangular and both in stainless steel. One was labelled as water proof and the other was automatic. In the 1930's they were a great tool watch for that time. We hardly hear of them today, but he went on about them that he worked both on Rolex, Blancpain, Jaeger LeCoultre and Wyler, having a very soft spot for Wyler. I was discussing this over a sip of Strega Liqueur and upon coming home I did some research on this watch. I thought what a joy this hobby truly is !!!!!. Nothing else comes close. There are many websites that speak of this watch, but I thought I would add the following link which shows a picture of the watches that were eye candy to me from that visit. https://www.fratellowatches.com/automatic-wyler-crichettino/
  8. Well Gentlemen, all I can say is thank you !!! I am still trying to work on replacing that fault with the balance and bridge, but I am relieved that I have an answer. It was driving me Nuts!!! I was happy to catch up with old time family friend Luigi with his amazing skills and wisdom of his art of watchmaking. His speciality was hair springs and told me how he use to make them by hand and to time the finished product without a timing machine. He mentioned of his most challenging experience while learning his art, that his master gave him a hair spring that was twisted and made up like into a ball. His mission to pass was to get it straight, reshape it and get it working again. He had to replace it in the balance wheel and Collette and get it right with the screwed in balance weights. He then had to set it in beat getting it half way between the banking pins and got it accurate to almost chronometer level. That is BRAIN SURGERY of the trade area. Now nobody would do this as no customer or watchmaker can afford this unless you paid big$$$$$$$ for this. But it was definitely skill building.
  9. An Update! i thought I owe this forum especially members that took the time to help me with some feedback as to what I found! As I had to go out of town today for unavoidable duties, I also took my little nightmare with me to stop by an elderly 93 year old watch maker Luigi who was once close friends with my late parents. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he is still with us and as active as I remembered him enjoying his sip of Strega liqueur and a short black! After a short chat on old times( excuse the pun) he looked at my movement and pointed out that there was a slight bend on one of the regulator pins even though hairy spring was breathing evenly between the two pins which somehow latched the spring on sway. How the hell he saw that at his age with a 2.5x loupe made me feel as if I was a total idiot! He also pointed out that the staff was a tad taller but did not have one to replace it as he is obviously retired and did not expect my sudden request! The moral to the story is that somehow prior to service the watch must have been running well with the regulator pin problem and since I did not buy this movement new, someone must have propped up the balance bridge to get it working! Lesson learnt! If it ain't broke do not try to fix if as if was running well! I thought of doing the right thing by servicing it, but it bit me hard in the @$!
  10. I am having difficulties to post after I log on also!!! Well you definitely have a point here!!!! I looked in my junk box for shorter screws and found something slightly shorter. The shortest screw I ever seen. and bingo, it ran until just the final tightening turn and then it stopped!!! Much better than what was there before. I usually screw these screws back into the mainplate when removing them for cleaning. Just a habit of mine. I am trying to find a way to tighten the kock (purposely mispelled for the reasons described above) to make it stable enough not to move while wearing the watch but at the same time keeping the damn spring oscillating, Some juggling to do! Thanks again for your input as I don't take any ideas lightly. All responses received have been great and helpful if not directly to this problem but to other problems I was going to post about. Again without overlooking anyone, thanks again also to the long list posted by Aldo213, I managed to fix an issue with another movement which had been giving me problems! I will keep you guys posted and thanks again for your commedable efforts in helping me!!! Much appreciated!!!!
  11. many thanks for your detailed list of troubleshooting ideas. I believe that the problem is predominantly me with my limited skills as I am no professional.. Because I got half a dozen eta movements running within 5 seconds per day after an amateur service still puts me light years away from someone who is highly trained in this esoteric profession!!! Everything is the same as before service. I always put the balance on the mainplate when cleaning it to avoid all sorts of potential damage. I never had problems with incablocs, only with the horrible novodiac set up. I checked to see the spring and removed the jewel again much against my wishes. I have gone through most of your suggestions and have yet to put my finger on the real problem as I am inclined to also believe what fellow member "Horologist" suggested that there could have been something under the balance Bridge (not exactly the correct word as it is held with one screw instead of two) which after having been cleaned twice in such a short time could have come off. I vaguely recall something like a foil of some sort n the cleaning fluid which could have covered the base for the bridge to sit on. I cant say for sure!! I saw all the parts unscathed so didn't think twice about it as I had never seen this occurrence with other exact same movements. I am just sorry that this has used up a lot of everyone's time, thinking that by now it would have been simpler. Curiosity killed the cat and if I cannot get it right, I will have to take it with me when I go out of town to see a retired watchmaker I knew to see it in the flesh as a 3D picture tells over 1000 words. He introduced me to this wonderful world of horology when we visited his workshop as a child. Just out of interest, he has always amazed me as he never had an electronic timing machine and did everything manually such as regulating and setting in beat without it. Dont know how he did it.?? All I know is that he started his training in the early 1950's and always fascinated me with his lathes that did all sorts. Hopefully he is still alive. As Horologist said this is almost like a degree training.
  12. Update! Well ,,,,, spent Saturday night assembling a re-cleaned movement. Dotted all the ighs and crossed offall the tees using the right oils, not too little and not too much. just covering below each cup of each jewel. Did not use finger cots, but full polyprene gloves. What else did I do? Ah also had a mask to avoid breathing on it while assembling it. Oils used D5, 9010, 941 and molykote Dx thanks for the input given here. Upon assembling the balance, I took a deep breath and thought of all positive vibes. It began to tick and thought "Finally" - both the odds and the Gods were on my side UNTIL I tightened the balance [censored] screw. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh it stopped!!!!! I thought this cannot be happening!!!! I untightened the screw and gave the balance wheel a bit of a shake and it was kicking again! Ok, fingers crossed and started to tighten it again. I thought I was a victim in an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie. it stopped. !!!!!! Did the balance staff grow in the cleaning fluid? This is what one expects from a longer balance staff!! It was a perfectly ticking watch with same balance assembly before I got too confident and went ahead to clean it and I definitely recall it had a tightened balance [censored]. Result is that I now have a regulating problem in addition to a balance wheel not running!!! I have stripped and serviced a dozen of them which 3 of them have let me down but this is the mother of all let downs. Well, I will call it the day and have to label this female movement as a let down for now and just have to accept defeat for until I get my confidence back. As Bugs Bunny would say, Well folks thats it!!! and thanks again for all your support. That is very clever. Just loved that post!!!! This forum just keeps getting better with all these great ideas!! I always wondered about this mix and match of incablocs with other setups!! Thanks again!!!!
  13. Hello & thank you for your input! It is an eta 2836-2 with the horrible Novodiac spring ! I didn't change anything anything on it. Pallet and balance assembly are all original. Was working fine until I awoke sleeping dogs and they bit hard!!!! I am in the process of assembling it again over the weekend! Maybe there could have been something that caused this problem. I also diamagnetised it so will have to wait and see!!! I lost the damn cap jewel inside the shock assembly. The spring fell out while I was dissasembling it and will look in the junk box to find one. I know you cannot interchange the incabloc on top and novodiac on the bottom as I tried this and it didn't work
  14. I am having great difficulties after I log in and try to post a response which just logs me out and have to start all over again. Don't know what is happening but hope this will post I had totally overlooked this magnetism issue before I re dismantled the movement again, purely because in the past my magnetised mvts always picked up much more than just 4 minutes per hour and my demagnetizer has given up the ghost. When I put it back together, I will see and hope that this is the issue, because this has really been a night mare. The video was good on an educational point of view but agree that in practice it would be unrealistically unfeasible for any watchmaker to play around for so long unless he was doing it for the church. I have a 10x loupe and could not see anything to raise red flags like my previous services. Unless there is a flea's eyelash somewhere in there, then that may be the problem! I am inclined to go along with your suggestion that it might be magnetized (hopefully!!!) Will see when I put it back together!! I hate, hate and hate the spring on these models as they are 3 pointed pieces that totally need to come off as opposed to gate fold springs that just lift up while remaining attached to the top. Nightmare to put in and maybe something must have got trapped there?. BTW I always put the assembled automatic unit last after I have tried to time them purely to also give me access to the regulator arm which is always hidden under the automatic bridge. I had also removed the complete balance assembly and replaced it into my Rado Diastar which usually runs ok and it also picked up the same rate, so I am adamant that it is the balance assembly. The other option for me is that I could cheat and learn nothing out of this and buy one complete new on ebay but are from China, for clone standards which could be problems because; (1) they may be as pathetic as the complete clones themselves (2)they might also have the same regulation problems and (3) may never reach me with all the worlds problems with any items posted from China. If I were to find a genuine eta (at a feasible price) they are sold separately and will need to be assembled bringing me back to the same problem of putting them in beat and in time. So it is a lose, lose situation!!! I am hoping it is magnetism, As with tuning fork models they too have big big problems as mine could never be regulated Thanks guys, much appreciate
  15. Alligoat said: Did you clean the hairspring? I watched my watchmaker dip the hairspring in a cleaning solution, Yes, I dipped it into a product called horelode and also the e d stones that were a bummer to put back. The small drop of 9010 in the middle of both jewels ceejay said: 2836-2 uses a Etachron regulator. You need to study the correct method and use the correct tools, to do it properly. Watch & learn... Thanks !Great video! I am not so sure if it is the regulator pins as the mvt was telling good time before I got too confident in choosing to service it after it sat 12 years in one of my drawers. Maybe I stuffed up touching something that I am not even aware of! Lesson learnt! I should have left it alone! Playing around with those etachrons is fairly skillful business thank you all for your input
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