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  1. Hi fellow members I am trying to replace a complete balance attached to bridge which has lost the roller jewel( don't know how this happened ) with a bridge and hair spring complete as I am not skilled enough to remove the bridge from the hair spring nor put it in beat I if capable of assembling one. I know that some genuine parts can still be found but have not seen them as fully complete ones like the generics being complete with bridge and hairspring as seen on ebay. Unless I am wrong,have the genuine eta ones ever sold as complete pieces like the generics? Not so confident in buying a generic either! Stuck with a dilemma here
  2. an update!!!! As it turned out I have the watch ticking again. I noticed that the problem was in the jewel of the balance which was missing or had fallen off. I had found it close by near the escapement. I removed the balance from another eta movement to check if this would do the trick and BINGO!!! it has been ticking. Now one balance down stopping a whole good movement working!!!!! Now replacing these things isn't easy as eta parts are no longer available. I see some generic ones but are they any good? hope the same doesn't happen to the generic one if I were to go with that choice. removing the balance and replacing the bridge is beyond my league of skills Has anyone ever done it and if so what are your recommendations? Thanks
  3. Interesting to hear of Saint Crispian! I recall as a child my late mother mentioned of a Saint Crispian who was also a mystique as he had the power to fly. A Franciscan monk if I recall correctly!
  4. Gentlemen, I am not sure how to say it, but thank you are too little words in comparison to the gift of attention you have given me to help solve my problem! Took all of your advice on board, by checking the pallet fork balance etc. upon shaking to add power from rotor swing, hair spring swings perfectly for almost a minute until it stops. Upon removing balance the pallets flick from one banking pin to another without a problem,but noticed the end of pallet fork that engages into the rotor jewel seems odd with a bent piece which I cannot photograph as my camera resolution is not powerful enough. It even looks like it has a bent jewel on the end which explains why the hairspring rotates freely for almost a minute. The seconds hand does not move nor does the pallet fork while the balance swings nicely. Will buy a new pallet fork and see how it goes! It must be a clone as it was running perfectly before all this happened
  5. I don't know for sure as it was already in a replica watch which has all the eta stamps etc. I know even clones come with these stampings so it's anyone's guess. Have also taken advice of both Mymanmatt and rolexman , however it s still the same
  6. Have a freshly serviced eta 2824-2 which was running fine and within 5 seconds per day for couple of weeks! Now the balance wheel no longer swings as pallet fork is stagnant! Very strange! I have checked if there are are any obstructions in the gears, cogs, including the balance stop in case it brakes onto balance wheel which is clear! Anyone ever experienced this? Thanks for any input!
  7. The explorer is harder still as you have close to NO chance of finding a genuine empty case unless it is from a donor water damaged one. You could try getting a case which is close to the real deal from yuki and have Justin reshape it for you, but it won't be cheap! Good luck!
  8. Welcome! this place is the grail of watch forums! You will meet wonderful people here from all walks of life that are both friendly and highly knowledgable and intelligent! To answer your question, for the money you intend to spend you might even find the real McCoy. To find an empty genuine day date case or an explorer case is the hardest part of it all. Movements are east to find even though they are also scarce! if you want to build a custom 18k gold day date,, you might want to try getting a star supply case and try to fit an eta Swiss mechanism, but the dial feet will not match up on a genuine dial,. Also I am not sure if a genuine dial will even fit in a star supply case! This is where our technical expert member Automatico can chime in! He is a true asset to this forum along with some of the others that can make you feel like a child in a candy shop
  9. Well said! That nails it head on! The same would apply with most of the "all sell and no tell " commercial world! I remember a similar example used in commerce school which are the basic essential ingredients lubricating marketing and capitalism!
  10. Thanks for the piece of information! The problem is that some supply houses have old stock which are sealed in these silver bags and there is no indication as to the jewel count of the movement unless one opens the packet to be sure! Unless the older 17 jewel versions have different packaging, then this would confirm it!! The other problem is that that swatch/ eta group who sell these movements are notoriously unhelpful in directing you to even getting close to an answer or having the courtesy in answering what to the catalogue number on the packet suggests!
  11. True! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, therefore it is all depends upon a persons tastes!
  12. Yes exactly what I was referring to! What do those codes mean on the white label? How do you know it is a 25 J or 17 J without opening the packet? A local here has the following codes RO3648852 on some of his 2836-2 followed by 8.11 and 1P! How can one tell what type of movement is in it without opening it? I cant make him an offer as I don't know what is inside it
  13. Yes All good! For a moment I thought I was reading a typical reply one would normally see on the. watchuseek forum Yep, more like a miracle maker! Thank goodness!
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