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  1. Greetings fellow members. Hope all is well at your end of the woods? I am pulling my last strands of hair out ( actually I have no hair left LOL!!) to figure out what is happening with my 2836-2 not keeping power or failing to wind after a few turns? I recently serviced it and prior to this everything else was ok but only losing time to stop. All seemed to be ok upon assembly ( all wheels spinning freely.,etc.etc), but somehow prior to assembling the automatic assembly, I try to manually wind the mechanism, but after a few turns of the winding crown, it slips and does not keep tension, At first I thought it was the mainspring, so to eliminate this possibility, I pulled a complete mainspring with barrel out of an identical perfectly working mechanism and had the same results. So, ruled out the mainspring issue!!! I then changed the ratchet wheel thinking that there was something worn with one of the teeth or maybe it was slipping in the square section where screw threads down, but again the same issue!!! What next to try? I then considered that there might have been an issue with the intermediate wheel of the train gears slipping. Disassembled the motion works and checked it out and looked ok? Seems like it has a mind of its own. Anyone ever had a similar experience, please chime in. Welcome any comments (including insults🤥), as long as it helps me find some direction to a solution. Easy option is to discard it but then I have learnt nothing!!! Many thanks in advance!!!
  2. agree 100%! I have owned a 16610 replica form just about every know source but the F520117 takes the prize in my opinion! When I sold them all off this one was an easy decision to keep! Interestingly it was priced in the same league as the other not so accurate basic eta replicas! I could not justify paying 5 times more for a Fong case with further mods when this was on offer! The only criticism I have with these F520117 is with the crystal and bezel on a technical issue and not accuracy representation! Drop one on the floor and if the crystal breaks, it’s ready for the disposal bin as no mineral crystal will fit due to the weird size! If you want to remove bezel, again you run the risk of it becoming disposal! Maybe it was designed like this on purpose as they were so affordable to replace! Who knows? If these flaws were addressed prior to production, then it would have been the 99% best 16610! No replica can be perfect, but if it had a retaining ring for the correct size Crystal, then I would pay Fong prices for it as most other £5000 brand watches are really no better and it is all in the mind!
  3. Good question! if you have a Flexible budget, it could still be within reach! As you know the problems we are all facing In this hobby is the availability of quality parts! The 16610 is no longer the hot thing in town as it has been replaced by that goofy new tuna can style ceramic insert model 116610 - the in thing amongst peoples with more cash than $#*#$. Finding a close to 1:1 spec is going to be very difficult unless you can trace down a pre owned item that no longer buzzes on the owner! if I really wanted to spend the money, I would buy a star supply case and as many parts that come with the case at star supply as this case is designed as an aftermarket replacement for the 16610 which should fit the genuine 3135 movement! if you have plenty of change left' you may probably still find a pre owned 3135 with some luck, but if this is not a necessity to your build I would buy a genuine eta 2824 which should fit this case, but the real problem is getting the right case ring which was once made by TC ( who seems to be either retired from the watch hobby or for good) to accomodate the eta movement in a genuine spec case! This ring is a must, but again finding one is going to be challenging unless someone else has also cloned this ring! I have been looking for one since TC went West or East! The other avenue you have is to be on the hound side to buy a pre owned one in the sale Section of this forum! Sorry that this isn’t much help but it is what I would do if I really really wanted a great piece that runs circles over the cheap quartz copies good luck!!
  4. PM me if it is still on offer!
  5. Wow!!!!! I am lost for words for all the work you put into this response for me and for possibly even countless others all over the globe ,wondering about the same thing! I feel very privileged to be here! This is so Automatico style response!! Don’t want to overlook any other valuable members here, this is so eloquent, detailed and helpful! Can only say a big thank you 😊 !!
  6. Where they sold as full presidential watches in fake 18k gold cases or sold as original day date movements coming from presidential watches?
  7. Let me know who has "a good" one at those prices??? 😲 I think at today's prices, we might need to add in an extra "0" in the units column digit!!
  8. Was searching through some of the old posts on cleaning and oils, which ended up across this interesting one from last year It mentions that Molykote DX is recommended as a cheaper alternative to the blue high friction grease (9501 ) which I also noticed in the official eta oiling charts on other components as well! My understanding from the molykote information sheet is that it is similar to the lithium grease! I know watchmakers do not like either lithium grease nor molykote DX as it is most likely difficult to clean properly! I am just confused that if this is the case, how do parts which are lubricated with either molykote DX or lithium grease properly cleaned? anyone had any issues? seems like an anomaly!
  9. Finally the third wheel arrived and it was assessment time to check what was happening! mounted each gear separately first to make sure they were all ok and that bridge was sitting properly! Then I removed bridge and reassembled all the gears together! took extra precaution to make sure train bridge was placed properly over all pivots! Not my first movement I worked on successfully! Yep all spun freely until I noticed that there was some side shake in top pivot of great wheel (intermediate wheel) - what seemed a slight wear and I then knew this was not going to work! Out of curiosity, after fully assembling it and a few gentle of winds, pallet did not flick! So before damaging this new third wheel, I knew that the culprit was the gear near mainspring! I noticed with the two previous third wheels that it felt slipping near mainspring before those pivots went to their demise! Who knows what else would crop up, so it is time to retire it and keep it for spares, before the whole thing ends up costing me the price of 2 new movements! This movement looks very tired and will move on ! Thought I owed all an update! Thanks to all for all your input as it was a great learning experience!!
  10. Firstly, it would have been nice for you to introduce yourself as a new member! This site is predominantly for those with an interest in the replica world of timepieces, but that isn’t to say that we do not discuss genuine timepieces either (as replicas are based upon them)! We welcome without discrimination! Do you have a model number for this omega model as it appears to be the 41mm omega reference 2541.80 according to your description date? If this is correct???? , the this uses the omega caliber 1538 which is based on the eta 255.461! I remember replacing one recently for a work colleague! It was the same model used in the Bond movie “Golden Eye”. They would sell online new for Approx 200 American dollars all depending on what part of the planet you reside! If you are savvy with basic watch repairs, you may do. It yourself and save heaps!! Good luck and BTW Welcome to this wonderful fraternity of watch lovers!
  11. I think OP is seeking something more like the project Jimmythree has posted! That is another subject altogether with far more challenges! Yet if someone doesn’t mind how accurate the build is, I do like your suggestion too as these are getting harder to find!
  12. I was recently approached by a third generation acquaintance of the family who has always known me for my passion for timepieces. He asked me why there is a shortage of Rolex merchandise from our local authorized dealers! I gave him my short simple answer " to create an artificial shortage so that it can justify any price increases and entice those to want them" Well that was my interpretation of how I see the trend with everything else as well.!!! (As a disclaimer I will call it my opinion and only my opinion) Make it hard to get and it becomes a rarity that will attract potential buyers to want it and therefore rise both; a demand and a price increase! Simple!!! Basic high school economics with the law of demand and supply!! Sure enough there are other agendas behind this shortage, but that was my take on it!! His family are quite wealthy and I helped him buy his first 16610 back in 1997 from the AD who I knew well at the time as I got him quite a good deal for it. Not so the case now with the new owners and of course the agendas!!! He asked me how my submariner was going. I replied which one? "The one I purchased from the same AD or the one I assembled myself. I no longer have the one I got from the AD but I have this one" ( the noobmariner I built from sources kindly directed to me by members of this forum). He looked at it and all he said was" Did it end up cheaper to build it than to buy from the AD?" I replied "Yes at the time it was" Then I realized that he had not worked out that it was a replica as he does speak his mind and so I kept quiet about it. Had he asked if it was the real deal, I would have been straight out open about it and divulged it was a replica!!. Now he owns the real McCoy and by now you would have expected for him to have noticed that there are subtle differences between them. This leads to my rationale about WHY WOULD I WANT TO lock away so much money into an item for where there is a close substitute and then risk; losing it, getting damaged, spending an arm and a leg to maintain it from a cartel type business having a monopoly on parts, as independent watchmakers can no longer get parts etc, etc. Now, most of us here do or probably own a genuine Rolex (perhaps more than one), but would rather prefer to keep them as investments in their safety deposit box, (occasionally using them on special occasions) but instead have a beater that closely resembles what they have - minus the risks. Lets be honest, they will never be tick for tack representatives of each other, but for the price one pays and gets, it way justifies this move!!!! I don't expect that my noobmariner is a 1:1 clone of the authentic product, but enjoy it for what it represents and for what it is!!! Period!!! . I have my noobmariner since 2008 and have treated it like any other genuine watch giving me just as much satisfaction minus the cost and risks of the real deal. As for QC, I am not bothered as I have bought high end products that have been through many QC checks and still give me grief from something that may have been overlooked anyway. Myth in my opinion!!! I didn't see any issues with my noobmariner. It hasn't fallen apart, it hasn't crumbled, neither lost anything from it, has survived water resistance ( with replacement of quality seals from time to time) and even better - has no case corrosion when I consider the environments I exposed it to. I wasn't worried, it is a beater but has shown to be a true test against all punishment!! I guess that is why we are here as we can see and appreciate a cutting edge that the average bear doesn't see.!! I have met and conversed with members here from all over the world from all walks of life and have never had a similar pleasurable experience in any other fraternity.!!! The thrill of building and modifying something to represent something that it is not, is an art in it's own right which very few can do and appreciate!! I cannot remember who said it, but in an interview with a world famous mathematical physicist, a comment was made that 8 out of 10 people cannot put 2 and 2 together!!!. What he meant was that if you present the facts on the left and the same facts disguised on the right, most would not see that they are the same.!!!! That is an alarming figure, especially with what has happened lately in most of the world trends. My interpretation of what makes us unique here and enables us to look outside the square!!! (post dedicated in memory of my first watch enthusiast friend "Frank Ricci" who passed away 20 years ago today!!! )
  13. Great advice above! Have you tried sending JMB a message! He has modified some wonderful cases to fit these eta explorer dials! My last projection 2017 was a case I purchased from him and a dial from raffles! Came out pretty good! I am sure you will achieve something that will give you satisfaction! The trend now is these popular ceramic tuna can style subs and the 39mm explorer, so it looks like the odds are in your favour! Good luck!
  14. You are the third person I have heard say this in the past week ! You have done well to reach out to us here, as I have found this place not just about replica watches or watches for that matter , but most importantly a large wonderful fraternity who are there to also listen and offer guidance when in times of difficulties! I found this place a great comfort when I experienced two deaths in my family and most members both past and present, gave me a lot from just a simple word and even an inspiration to a new door for surviving some of my most difficult times As you know these times are very trying with everything that has happened and everyone I speak to feels Just like I do too!, In addition to life’s cruel blows that override any happinesses we all go through, I have noticed that most people that are here also drown their sorrows which is why we find this hobby a distraction and a soother to move onto another day! Your have a nice collection which you should enjoy and rotate and trade off any for something different if you have the need for something that gives you a different distraction. After all life is a distraction from reality! You may also extend to seek assistance from local sources and when you think you have hit rock bottom ( most of us would correlate to this) there is always another day which is the faith that keeps us going! Hang in there!, thinking of you!
  15. thank you for your input! I am still waiting for my part to arrive and still cannot say if it will work or not! As much as the 28xx series are simpler than their predecessors, the downside is that for anyone who is using this movement as their first attempt to service as a learning experience, these trivial anomalies can really break one’s confidence in further watchmaking! My worst experience was with a 2452 as it is way a more complicated than the 2836 especially regarding the calendar works which is such a headache! I still don t touch them ! Don’t see any clear tutorials on YouTube with this one! As Horologist has also brilliantly explained of his issue, true- it can lead to madness! As he said, “ is it me or is it the parts?” I kind of suspect that I may also need to have changed the seconds wheel as I a not sure if this is genuine or clone! The other thing I have noticed is that if you drop a part on the floor and up you try to find it using a magnet, this can also cause problems with assembly! Why? A few years ago I dropped a pallet fork whilst I was assembling a freshly serviced movement and found it with my magnet after having searched for days! The gear train was gliding flawlessly and it I also recoiled giving me confidence that it would run! Upon installing the pallet forks it did not flick from side to side as expected after a few winds of the mainspring! It was driving me bonkers! I then gave up and took it into a watchmaker fully assembled in non running order! He right away demagnetised it and it began to run! When not formally trained, it is so easy to overlook the simplest trivialities that one does not pick up on and can either make or break continuing with tinkering!
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