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  1. All the scenarios put forth have validity A watch or any product, collectible etc. is only worth what you can get for it at the time of sale,! Period!!!! So what it is worth this much today and it has gone up or down? Real estate is a perfect example! You get or pay what the trade agreement is on the day! Sometimes you get a bargain and sometimes you have overpaid! Just basic high school demand and supply economics! The OP posted a video of a woman stating why Rolex watches are so expensive? My interpretation is that she was talking about the new ones at the dealer and not collectible classics ! All collectible classics will demand a premium regardless of if it is a watch or a one penny black first minted stamp! Her B@#$$$T was what I found insulting to someone who has been in the horological interests for almost 50 years ! Yes Rolex is a great watch and so too are other equal quality timepieces that sell for one tenth of the price unless,you are bidding on a collectible or intend to buy Paul Newman’s cosmograph that sold at auction!
  2. you mean this one? The only criticism of this one is that they could have used a Soprod, or even an STP genuine equivalent Swiss movement! Look there are lots of choices with exceptional qualities minus the astronomical over inflated price tag! I have also had Technos with eta 2830 movements which are the same as the 2836 but much better with the removable screw from the balance [censored] and the incabloc setting which was chronometer certified! What a gem of a watch this was! I also had a Technos eta 2832 high beat 36000 high was also chronometer! Such an easy movement to work with! I also had a 18k gold king seiko high beat! Foolishly sold it to buy a 18039 day date which I also sold for the same price I purchased it! Some great profit that was! Yet the spell I was under was to buy Rolex which later the excorcist price tag cured me from! Lol! The biggest problem with that industry is trying to work oout who is the patient and who is he “”therapist”” I believe not even Einstein was able to solve that complex equation!
  3. Ditto!! Well said! Yes I like the Rolex submariner and the presidential! I was a sucker for them when I purchased them and if I were to live again, I would do the same! But at today’s prices? I would need to see two psychiatrists plus some other very intense consellor! Sure enough their aesthetics, catchy design, their list of undebatable innovations etc. etc. stands to be proud! However, Let’s not forget that Rolex mostly used Aegler movements until the early 1950’s and even their cosmograoh which was in Paul Newman’s watch record breaking auction killer used a valjoux chronograph! So yes your point is exactly like mine! let’s not forget the Blancpain 50 fathoms used in Jacques Cousteau’s 1952 movie “the silent world” as the chosen water proof divers watch, which other horological collectors argue was what inspired Rolex to create the first submariner as an homage watch to this Blancpain! When you consider a Squale brand submariner or even a Ginault submariner as homage watches with a high end eta ( even with a chronometer eta no different from a Tudor snowflake eta) for one twentieth of the price, then my psychiatrist would secretly put me too sleep with a good cyanide anitpressant to save my family from me, especially if I were to justify ispending thousands $$ more on a stainless steel submariner! Nobody is denying that Rolex are a great piece but not for 5 to even 20 times more than an equivalent quality timepiece! Looks like TAG heuer is mimicking them by putting exaggerated prices on something no better than an equivalent Tissot! We obviously control the market when considering an idiot like me spent all his youths savings on both a submariner and a presidential where I could have been wiser in my spending! Rolex is a great timepiece, but not necessarily reflective of their asking prices at authorised dealers! My opinion only!
  4. Now that is a more accurate description of what would have happened. But then again the same can be said about other watch companies that made everything in house including other manufacturers of micro wave ovens, computers, iphones etc. !!! Consider Seiko with their 1960-1970s calibers which were also well engineered. Yet the prices were not to the same exaggeration that Rolex charges for their product!!!! Surely a lot of behind the scene work happens from designing, prototyping, production setting etc, etc, and etc. Yeah, when a new Rolex caliber was evolved from the 1570 to the 3035, there could have been even more than a year behind the final stage. Surely nobody can dispute this.!!!! But the way they phrase it, "takes almost a year to make a rolex" is really very misleading.
  5. I couldn’t have put it better myself!! I love the way she parrot phrases” it takes a whole year to make a Rolex”. Really ? who would fall for that ? It is the most insulting comment to swallow in any marketing ploy! If there is any truth in this, when considering the amount of Rolex pieces in.existence, you would have to employ the whole population of Switzerland if not all of Europe to fall for that BS! Sure enough Rolex is a great well engineered watch but not to the point that you could get away without the usual maintenance that would be required of any Sieko or Tissot! If it were something that could tick for 70 years without a service and not have any wearing parts due to some magical trade secret alloy, then yes she has a point! I would say that is one of the best $1500 watches that sells for $20,000!
  6. sounds very interesting !! The very first I have heard of to be a-successful conversion. I know for certain that the 1803 case is thicker than the date just case and to an experienced eye you would notice immediately especially with a pie pan dial that it was not the same as the real DD! Yet a great outcome. I think the llater 3155 movement model DD were thinner Yeah!I was under type same impression and also agree with Automatico! but it worked for alligoat. I guess his represented a white gold model
  7. Was going down memory lane during our recent lockdown and listening some old classics from various artist and found this nice clip of Sir Cliff Richard ! You can see he has a nice black dial date just at 1.50- 1.53. Sometimes I do get the blues when reflecting on my younger years as I would have loved to live the future of the past as to what we are living now! you can see he has a nice date just with a black dial at 1.50- 1.53.
  8. Thanks guys! That was very helpful as I could have damaged my mid case if I had bought a replica case back! Thanks Ben for the link! I also found a couple more ! Thanks for clarifying! seems like your case was galled where the threads cold weld which is a typical property prone for metals like stainless steel,titanium, platinum and worst of them is aluminium! if the threads got stripped, it is surprising that it screwed down at all at any stage of closing as there would be little left on the walls of the case! Maybe it wasn’t as bad as you could have chased the threads if you had a tap and die! A spare case back (sacrificial) could be made into a tap& die by cutting a couple of lines at right angles to the thread and hardened by heat ! Thanks for sharing this experience!
  9. Greetings to all! This question may be a long shot but I won’t know if I won’t ask? I have a genuine date just case (reference 1601 made for 1570 mvt) without a back and was wondering if anyone knows if the thread on a replica case is the same pitch and measure so I can buy a replica to close it until I find the genuine? Has anyone ever tried measuring it as I don’t have one to try ? Also, if I recall correctly, the same thread dimensions were also used on the 18k day/date presidential as were on the SS date just! I just can’t find the post on any of the other forums to confirm this? thanks for any input
  10. True!!! natural ageing is more than just scratches and dents!! It is not just mechanical but chemical as well. In particular stainless steel, has an interesting property; that upon the moment it gets scratched, it begins to develop a passive layer where it heals itself like a wound on your skin. This is due to the oxidation of the chromium layer evening out the appearance. This happens with the appropriate time needed and fast-forwarding this may not allow this passive layer to form in the natural way it would have if exposed to other types of wear such as rubbing against your clothing for example. It would be lovely if we could artificially age wine indistinguishable from 30 or 40 year old vintages!!! Beaten up and put through a box of nuts and bolts etc. is a different mechanism of surface deformation. Although some look rather convincing as different processes are used to give this lustre (or lack of), you will always find sections that will highlight that it might indicate abuse instead of normal wear, especially on the back section as it gets a uniform sort of wear with natural ageing. As said earlier, it is what fools the fool!!! I had a 1978 Seiko which was given to me as gift from an aunt and it went through normal wear and tear especially when I wore it in high school (with lots of sports activity) and at University. The visible section of the watch including the crystal showed fairly even wear but the back part of it especially under the lugs was intact. I foolishly polished it when I put it away but natural anything is unique!!!
  11. Greetings, I a not sure if this is the right section to post this, but I am doing my first sterile Pam111 build with a sterile dial as no trusted dealer I know is able to get me the replica since the raids! Therefore I purchased a generic case on eBay and a 6497 to fit the case! Upon assembling it, I noticed that the interior thread on the crown is way too wide than the 0.9mm tap threaded stem on the movement! Does anyone know or have come across a similar situation and if so, what adapter would one use to attach crown onto the movement thread! I do know that some thread extenders come with different end measures for different crown and stem thickness! Any input much appreciated with thanks! 🙂
  12. Has there been any updates regarding to factories that were raided and if any have reopened or are to reopen soon? I am just hanging out to place an order but don’t know which direction to go☁️☂️☔️⛈🌤
  13. I agree! I visit often, but don’t post as frequent as before, - not because I have lost Interest (on the contrary ,my interest is as strong as ever) but there is very little movement in this hobby since the parts policy has become as bad as the genuine parts policy! Most of us here are quite knowledgeable and like to experiment with our builds within our own limits of skills and then share & seek the services of the more skilled members of this forum depending on our desires. In a way it feels as though this era of the rep game has been done by design to eradicate this hobby of replicas as nothing else seemed to have worked in removing the rep game from the attraction many of us have been able to enjoy! Therefore prices of replicas keeps getting higher and most of us that have been here in the earlier years have been more advantaged in comparison to newcomers facing a tougher challenge!
  14. This is going t impact some of our trusted dealers too! Hopefully, what has happened is just a storm in a teacup! By the way, who are our remaining trusted dealers? I just had a look at the introductory post written many moons ago for new comers and most of those dealer sites may need updating! So many greats of this hobby have also vanished like TC, Paul, The Zigmeister and Jackjo to mention a few😒. The world is a sadder place🤧
  15. Very valid points!! i myself had these issues in the past! I noticed that if the movement is not held firmly by case ring screwed in properly)I seem to have issues where the stem does not always seem to pull out into the right position! You have lateral play and this causes stretch on your keyless works! When you cut the stem, do you measure it with case ring tightly fixed or with the dial just in position of dial seat where stem is just slightly longer pushing against the case? I have had this problem also if the stems are generics or faulty! Sometimes it is also the keys works that have some slack! At the moment I have 3 mvts with keyless works problems and unless you replace the whole keyless works they don’t always mesh up by buying individual parts I have also experienced some of the issues you mention when the movement is not right for the case! Ie fitting an eta 2824-2 into a case made for the eta 2836-2. I assume you are referring to the eta 2836-2 you are having these issues! I find the correct case clamps also play an astronomical difference, as ones that come with the case from factory seem to be dead right ! Making your own or trying to file down the right size is either a hit or a miss! I struggle with case clamps in getting them right! Hope this gives some feel for what I have noticed! good luck!
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