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  1. Today I'd like to present to you my new Omega PO: I bought it from Trusty, who I want to thank again for his great service. It's really great looking, bezel is perfect, it was a little rough at the beginning but after few turns it's ok. Case is nice, with correct lug width etc. Lume is great, really I've never seen such bright and smooth lume. Marvelous! Now for the movement. It's ETA 2836-2 (It was described as 2824 but it's ok I guess). However I had some problems with it. After a week of using I was correcting the date and the stem came out. I left it at local watchsmith to fix it, and he said that the watch is kinda late like 5 mins a day. He suggested that the movement needs cleaning. I knew that sometimes ETA mov. used by factories are sloppy or just old, but on QC this watch had +6secs/d which was acceptable. However the watchmaker said that the movement looks nice and new. Nevermind though, he wanted like 250$ for cleaning and re-oiling it so... I guess I'll wait or just dismantle the watch and bring movement only so nobody gets distracted by OMEGA logo Or maybe someone from here would like to help me with it? Discounts for students are welcome I'd also thank @Sogeha @kernow @k4jun and @SSTEEL for their help regarding this watch. Cheers!
  2. That's very kind of you thank you. I'll try with local watchmaker once again, if he kicks me out for having a rep or something I'll send it to you
  3. Pulled it carefully out. I couldn't correct the date, nor wind it. The watch it's not working right now cos I left it in a box today, but the movement continued to work earlier when I practically pulled the stem out. Hope this won't be expensive to fix. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I have a problem with my new rep. After a few days of using I noticed that I set the date one day ahead. So basically I unscrewed the crown, pulled it a little and felt it goes too smoothly. Seems like the stem is loose and I managed to pull it out a little, but pushed it carefully back. How can I fix it? I heard that sometimes it's just loose screw holding the stem. I tried visiting local watchsmith but seems he was out :/ I'm also wondering if he'll be ok with fixing a rep.
  5. Wow, really sharp and well made engraving between lugs. Do they have LV version too?
  6. Lest we Forget

    That's what I love about US. Values like patriotism and service for your country are still important! In Europe such way of thinking is so long gone...
  7. Daytona 7750 or 4130?

  8. Daytona 7750 or 4130?

    I searched the forum for such topic but no success. Slim 7750? I'm more than interested
  9. Daytona 7750 or 4130?

    I'm thinking about rolex daytona recently. What is your opinion on A7750 with working chronos? I know it's 2,5mm thicker than a gen. My PAM is 14mm and it's already massive not to mention smaller rollie. To be honest new 13mm daytona made of 904 looks really amazing! I know it has frozen chronos due to 4130 but it's quite slim. What's your opinion on this one? I'd like to hear from someone with 7750 daytona Thanks!
  10. Longest you have waited for a rep?

    Yeah that's most important thing. Good luck!
  11. Longest you have waited for a rep?

    Well I've confirmed QCs 13 days ago and tracking says it's still in transit. Hope it'll arrive before christmass
  12. New pick up- gen omega speedy pro

    Beautiful! Congrats
  13. Gordon Ramsay - What is this

    I've been watching MCH US Season 8 episode 6 and noticed nice Rollie on Gordon's wrist with Nato strap (I guess) Video if you're bored :) 2:48 Some sources say that he bought vintage submariner from 50's. But I have no idea what model that is. It looks great! Any info on that piece? What model is this? Is this 5513 or 5512?
  14. Omega rep?

    Oh sorry, I'll keep that in mind! Some new reps are coming soon so stay tuned
  15. Omega rep?

    Well I couldn't find any on the internet. You're right, these pieces are hard to find. That's why I'm still confused. I'm torn between CPO blue and a gmt black with other numbers on dial. The advantage of CPO is for sure good case sizing, gmt is a little too big. But I don't know. Personally I think I'll put my trust in a TD and get a CPO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk