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  1. Noob 4130 clone

    Sure, you have reasons to be. Dial is really not very best :/
  2. Noob 4130 clone

    Also another member mentioned
  3. Noob 4130 clone

    But it's finally available! Guys on repgeek are not so enthusiastic though
  4. Noob 4130 clone

    Guys have you noticed new NF daytonas? They claim it's real 4130 clone with fully working chrono. Here's one on perfectclones. https://www.pf-828.com/watches/rolex/nf-sa-4130-superclone-daytonas/0452b.html What do you think? Looks pretty decent
  5. Daytona ARF 4130 calibre clone

    Simply their reps are too perfect to be real. I doubt they even send you a potato in a box.
  6. Ordering watch parts from TDs

    How about movements? I saw some TDs offer spare rolex decorated movements, but can it be possible to get for ex. omega-like or panerai decorated movement?
  7. BP or ARF for Daytona

    By the way, do you have any ideas what might be available after chinese new year? Maybe some new TC-grade Sub 16610?
  8. Well my friend owns a rep of 25.000$ Ulysse Nardin watch. It's really cool. It's not 100% accurate copy but it looks pretty decent, not to mention its cool features. He said that once his co-worker asked him about the watch. Of course he supposed that it's a rep, and my friend said that at the beginning. All in all they had a nice chat about the watch and joked that my friend should sell his car to afford this watch. I guess it's 100% ok to state the obvious thing as some watches are insanely expensive and personally I'd never imagine buying one, even if I had milions of dollars. As for my reps well... no one so far commented or asked me anything. I guess my colleagues are just not so hipped on watches, and for them every watch is just a watch. No matter if it's a rolex, ap or quartz 50$ local jewelers brand. But I don't mind. I'm not flexing on them, nor want any attention. I just like my watches the way they are and enjoy them as I please.
  9. Mixed feelings about my work...

    Really? Somebody tried to sell arf SD on chrono already?
  10. Go ARF or Noob v7 SubC

    I'm still waiting for 904 16610... Ultimate dream
  11. Daytona ARF 4130 calibre clone

    That'd be really sweet!
  12. Ebay US to UK or EU

    Alright guys seems I got mislead by something or just misunderstood. Thanks!
  13. If it's 7750 are the chronos working? EDIT: Seller states that two chronos are faux. I can't imagine how they broke 7750 to look as 4130... Why? And they fitted it in 13mm case... Ok my mind is blown
  14. Ebay US to UK or EU

    I want to buy a watch on ebay and the seller is located in US. I heard that most packages from the US that arrive in my country are taxed by customs office. I'd rather avoid that But I also heard that packages sent to UK are tax free (ebay says something like that on their website). Is that true? If I was right and it's safe to ship to UK, maybe someone would be kind and help me with this matter? I know that duty tax on my purchase is not that high (it's about 30$) But penny saved is penny earned...
  15. Perfect Clones Does it again

    Post some pictures!