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  1. Well I was wondering the same. New ROO Diver V9 (not sure if V9,5 also) is considered a super rep, but I'm curious why factories install 4Hz movements while gen has a 3Hz movement. I'm confused. From what I observed reps with 2813 are much cheaper than 2824/36 (like 80$ sometimes)
  2. I just got my Noob 40mm Yacht Master with dark rhodium dial. It's a fantastic watch, honestly it's satisfied my Rolex needs for some time. I'm considering something with with chronos. Maybe Uboat chimera, maybe some hublot. If you have any suggestions I'd appreciate.
  3. I guess it needs gen DW and it's almost perfect. ARF I mean
  4. What's wrong with V6F version? I heard its movement is really poor quality, dial is wrong etc. But also asked few owners of V6F with this new movement and they said it's great watch, running great and no flaws compared to gen.
  5. Oh my... That's great! I like flying sims too, but I use basic set throttle + joystick. Great cockpit!
  6. G30 with PAM 785 black seal
  7. New wheels and my favourite watch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. You know what guys? This is what troubles me the most. Everytime I think about new rep, and I see tons of threads with movement issues and stuff, I just... It's not very tempting taking part in a lottery. One lucky guy gets 100% working and pretty waterproof watch (like the guy who dived in his brand new out of the box SD43), and someone else gets watch that stops randomly. TDs should offer a reliable pre-sale service and inspection (of course paid extra, nothing's free ). It'd be profitable for them, as customers were happy, and no problems with people sending watches back. I know that some TDs offer watch service for extra $$ but everytime someone mentions it, people say it's not worth the money as this service is very poor. We are aware that making reps is kinda shady business, and factories cannot keep 100% best procedures with assembly and service, but TD's watchmaker should have no trouble with maintaining clean environment at his workshop, and some special care for the watches. Cost of prepairings for this service won't be high, they could document with pics that they DO CARE about quality and reliability, and people would go for it. Especially if they see that their newly arrived watch works fine for a long time.
  9. Alright so here's the story: I found this one on polish gumtree. Seller seriously put this on sale for 12.000$. I told him that selling such products is illegal and I suggested to delete it. He started cursing at me that I'm this and that, and his roley is gen. I asked why it has no subdial hands... Well he said something like "my buddy who won it, slipped on sled when he was drunk and watch hit the floor" I suppose that's why it's missing 7 hour marker too... After few more messages when I tried to convince him to trade me this watch for 5kgs of cat's litter (fresh!), he said legendary "It's gen, and you can check it". So I dared him... I told him to meet with me and go to AD with this watch, I'll pay for his trip and AD authenticity check, but we have to sign an agreement, that if the test comes negative he'll pay 12.000$ - the price he asked, to a charity chosen by me. He accepted... I'm 99.99% sure that he'll funk... but there's still a chance!
  10. Guys I have brilliant investment opportunity for a brave investor. I can provide this rare rolex which resale value is 30.000$!!! Can you imagine better chance to get something that remarkable? It was won by seller’s friend (I think he’s won daytona race) And here are photos. ~All spelling mistakes are intentional - as it was written in offer. ~This is not a sales thread, if you want I can tell rest of story Have a great afternoon! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I've searched this forum and repgeek. The problem is I was interested in PO chronograph with two subdials, but I see these watches have problems with hands alignment and I think they might be faulty... As long as someone says different, that's why I'm asking.
  12. Which rep of chronograph watch is best looking and working in your opinion? I'm most interested in so called "super reps" if there are any. Also preferably Omega, but Tudor seems also nice. Post your ideas!
  13. Looks nice! Where did you get it?
  14. I'd love to visit this factory based in Geneva!
  15. How about planet ocean? I saw two types of chronograph POs. One type has two subdials, second has three. Which one is better or more reliable? To be honest I really like that two subdials type with working 3 o'clock subdial.
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