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  1. RobU

    My Grail 6263

    And I'm warning the other forum members on here that you're a liar.
  2. RobU

    My Grail 6263

    Sorry you ordered a case from him, then you modified it, and then asked for a refund and got bent when he would give you a partial refund because you modified the case. Then you go MIA and bad mouth him on the forums. For him to even offer any type of refund shows how much of a stand-up guy he is. I'm done with this forum. Nothing but haters.
  3. Much more recent update: I actually purchased the watch that I had pictured in the above photo. Only difference is I had the dial changed to a non-Tiffany since that is basically a 1-of-1. The entire watch is gen except the case and the dial. EVERYTHING else is gen - bezel, case back, pushers, crystal, crown, Valjoux 727, bracelet, etc.
  4. RobU

    My Grail 6263

    Sorry for the confusion. I was referring to the entire watch, not just the dial. If I could find a dial, it would be incredible. My watch builder hesitated a couple years ago at $15K for a dial and he missed it. Now he's kicking himself (obviously) since they never show up anymore. It was hard enough to imagine that he found a gen caseback. It's hard to get pricing on a mint Newman. Every time I see one listed for sale, it's always POA for the price. Maybe they could be between $100 - $150K. Would you know if these are the rare exceptions? They don't really seem to be any different than many of ones listed on chrono24.com. https://www.phillips.com/detail/ROLEX/CH080515/293 $360,000 https://www.phillips.com/detail/ROLEX/HK080117/1111?fromSearch=6263&searchPage=1 $502,000 https://www.phillips.com/detail/ROLEX/CH080117/235?fromSearch=6263&searchPage=1 $580,000
  5. RobU

    My Grail 6263

    $10K The movement with the V727 conversion is half the build cost alone. Try to find a gen caseback or bezel for a 6263 under $4K each. I got lucky with the gen parts. This could have cost closer to $15k. Like I said, the only parts that aren't gen are the midcase and dial. I know the price is steep, but not when you compare it to the $400 - $600K for a gen 6263 exotic dial. I forgot to post a pic of the heart.
  6. That looks beautiful! Great job. Love it.
  7. RobU

    My Grail 6263

    I'm not sure how much of a stickler you are for aesthetics, but I was over the top wanting it to look as good as possible. You usually run into those types of issues with "off the shelf" reps. Spacing for the sub-dials is off. The chrono function doesn't work. The case shape is off. The pushers are located in the wrong position. That being said: I know quite a few people like the products from here: https://puretime03.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?limit=100&q=6263 https://www.intime01.co/26-daytona?n=50&p=3 There are a few custom builders on this forum as well. Just search "6263"
  8. RobU

    My Grail 6263

    As a last ditch effort, I used Power Point to draw the lines and arrows on the face. They are all the exact same distance apart from each other (on each pic). There is barely any difference between the two.
  9. RobU

    My Grail 6263

    Is there a difference from these? It looks like they have similar alignments.
  10. RobU

    My Grail 6263

    Must have been the angle the pic was taken along with the second hand not positioned at 12 o'clock. I now have the watch back and the alignment looks perfect to me.
  11. Great builds! I am in love with these exotic dial 6263s.
  12. I saw a post from a while ago (2012!) that you had a cabinet full of vintage Daytona's.  Is that still the case?

    Are you looking to part with anything at this time?


  13. RobU

    My Grail 6263

    Thanks Freddy. I'll have to check it out once I get it back in my hands to be sure on the alignment. It's hard for me to see the alignment without the second hand being at 12 o'clock. It'll be interesting to see how it looks in real life.
  14. RobU

    My Grail 6263

    You can see the misalignment of to some extent on the one on the left. Even the bezel and crown look off center compared to the second hand. The one on the right has the crown off center compared to the second hand as well. I've looked a bunch more pics of gen and many have some type of misalignment. Of course, there are some that are perfect as well. We know these watches were "cobbled" together using different parts from different suppliers. Rolex used three suppliers for the dial alone.
  15. RobU

    My Grail 6263

    It's a good observation freddy333, but the more and more gen 6263's I look at the more I'm finding that they are slightly off-center as well. I have the Patrizzi Pocket Expert - Cosomograph Daytona Manual Winding book and there are plenty of examples in there of 6263s that are slightly off-center. It looks to be something that affected gens as well.
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