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  1. Scammed a fellow member: every opportunity was given to fix as he was a long time member w/ a good reputation.

  2. Franken 6350 today
  3. Im looking to see if anyone has picked one of these up. http://www.ttw8488.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=279_287&products_id=14254 The real ones are 45mm, but Trusty's site says 48.5mm. Im wondering if anyone has one and can measure it. I dont know why they would make it so much bigger than the gen. Thanks! Also, any pics would be great in real life. He doesnt have any QC pics.
  4. Anyone else seen this yet? http://www.torobravo2015.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1951 When did they start making Patek MicroRotor movement reps. This thing is pretty cool. If we could get a Nautilus with one of these I'd be soooo excited. Pics look pretty good for a rep. Of course it's nowhere near Patek quality or finishing. But just the fact that they are making this movement gets me excited.
  5. Anyone know if there are any plans to rep the new 39 mm oyster perpetual no date models? I would love one of these in blue and silver dials for a daily beater. Thanks!!!
  6. Gen 3570.50 From me, to me, LOL.
  7. I guess I understand where you are going. I just thought we were discussing "sacred" brands, not robust, rock solid brands. I do agree with you though...nobody is Patek. That MCT is pretty cool, not my style but still cool none the less.
  8. LOL. Hublot. Bigges rip rip off in the watch industry. Just another Jean Claude Biver marketing [censored] company. At least he can't [censored] up Tag Heuer more than it already is. NO WAY! Lange is second only to Patek in my opinion. There is no other finishing in the world that compares. Even AP and Vach don't have the finishing of even the most basic Lange. Lange shouldn't even be in the same sentence as Panerai. Come on dude. Really? I'm not trying to be an Ass hole but if you think any of the brands that you mentioned are above Lange other than Patek. Then I really don't think you know what your talking about. Have you ever seen a real Lange in person?
  9. Got my GEN Sinn T1 on today again. Its for sale in the forum right now for a great price if anyone is looking!
  10. Great communication and smooth transactions! A++ member

  11. I actually already considered this, but I dont want to wait forever. The issue being, that you have to cut those sinn straps to length, so unless I find another person that has exactly a 7.75 inch wrist, selling one...then not much luck there. Now if they are new, thats not the case...Ill keep my ear to the ground though.
  12. Ive never handled a rep Sinn strap before, ive seen a few reviews that said it was pretty damn good and the rep is also pretty close. But I just dont know if I want a rep strap on my $3400 gen...But seriously another $480 for a strap and clasp is stressing me out...so I dont know WTF to do!
  13. What up guys. So I have a genuine Sinn T1 that ive always worn on the titanium bracelet. I want to get a rubber strap for it but Im up in the air on what to do. Mostly because the gen rubber strap is crazy expensive. So, Ive narrowed it down to three choices. Given the vast array of prices...what would you do? 1. Buy the 22mm Genuine strap with Titanium clasp from Sinn - $480.00 OR 2. Buy a Genuine 22mm Isofrane to put on it - $150.00 OR 3. Buy a replica U2 or U1 with 22mm Lugs and use that strap, plus I have another watch to wear too. - $275.00