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  1. Yes for my seller he doesn't speak english so he is dealing only for Chinese market. But if you use a forwarder to ship overseas, he can send to ur forwarder's Chinese address. That explains why there was no link for my seller. I posted a link in Chinese but I have checked with my seller he doesn't carry this omega in specific. I could ask around from other sellers, a ton of them on wechat... Sent from my MI 6 using Tapatalk Hi mike, thanks for the advice.. and yes I know buying from China from non TD is kinda risky, but I have just started out this hobby on watches, and didn't exactly want to buy reps since I am not keen to shell out a ton of money. I didnt know there was a TD list in the first place.. which explains why I didn't find one there hahaa.. and I'm Chinese by race (not mainland though) so I am pretty comfy with doing deals in China.. of cos I could very much be burnt badly at any time.. so usually I just go back to the same few sellers that I have previously dealt with and turned out to be nice guys... Sent from my MI 6 using Tapatalk
  2. I bought a pam507, pam508, zenith chrono from my Chinese seller contact... I'm waiting for it to arrive, if you guys are interested I can help you ask... Not intending to earn from it anyways... Just sharing good reps sites that are good. Mostly the English sites are more scammish with it opening and closing fast. The Chinese sites last for very long, and there are also feedback and comparison sites that take particular factory super reps and does detail comparison with the real stuff(if they have them on hand). I can help on the liaising part to order and purchase.. becos they trade in RMB over wechat to avoid getting caught, it is really by word of mouth on good sellers to buy from. Keep you guys posted.. will also ask for the price on this one in particular to see if my contact is cheaper. The Chinese site I posted typically have indication which factory made it, and the avatar foto are gens. It's in the description of the items that u see foto of the reps themselves. Cheerio Sent from my MI 6 using Tapatalk Here are the video of the reps I ordered... Taken by the seller .http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/595e1f643aed4/1499340530892.mp4 http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/595e1f7d8d1e9/1499340563472.mp4 http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/595e1fab09612/1499340682152.mp4 Sent from my MI 6 using Tapatalk
  3. Sent from my MI 6 using Tapatalk sorry was busy putting in the link for the rep, and I forgotten to make a remark. These "super reps" aren't exactly cheap, but the modified Chinese movements shld hold up pretty well on normal usage. Not sure if you need help in reading Chinese (I could help if you need) , but this is just one of the many sites that sells super reps. If you contact the seller on wechat u can get better deals. I am awaiting my reps from China currently, fingers crossed. Bot 3 at one go.. #sweating bullocks Sent from my MI 6 using Tapatalk
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