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  1. Hi Alligoat. Thank you for your advise. I was originally intending to get a 1530 to complete a Frank Build, but I'm quite disheartened to hear about the case, as I paid quite a fair bit (hoping for a gen case and movement, but rep dial and hands). Hi Nanuq, Thank you for your advise. The side profile does look thin. I just got back from a biz trip and took some photos. 1) I made a comparison, and the profile is quite close. 2) Might I ask, if your photo is of a gen spec mid case? Thank you a
  2. Hi alligoat, Thank you for your advise. Yes. It's quite a good rep, if it is. I could not find any areas to differentiate apart from the age look of the case. I did hear about the lugs, which I could not find any good reference photos to learn about the lugs. In any case, I have given up on this project. I think I should let it go. Thanks again for your advise.
  3. Hi seniors, I've not been into watches for too long. Some years back, I bought this from a webauction. Naturally being new and silly, i bought it hoping that the case is genuine. I was told the case is obviously not and I decided to mod it (pull out the 1520 cal, swapped it with another aftermarket dial and bezel insert). My purpose for this thread is to learn how to differentiate it from a gen case. I was told the lugs are not sharp, like they are supposed to, etc. Hope to seek some advise. Thanks again guys.
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