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  1. Trusty Time Questions

    Ok... the Miyota clone is cheaper than the ETA clone... fair enough?
  2. 99% sure this is a replica

    Uhm... the Breitling Navitimer Jupiter Pilot was a quartz chrono...
  3. Manners maketh man

    I think that people should do their "homework" before go straight to PM somebody... There are a lot of info in the fora... and the newbie may do himself a favor (to himself and to the community) opening a thread about a question that hasn't yet replied... (share the knowledge!) Whenever you can't get the replies that you're seeking, then, and only then, PM someone and politely ask for help... "Right here, right now" doesn't work.
  4. Forum updated/changes

    Glad to hear that... all the best wishes!
  5. Rolex 1016 Space-Dweller

    Great job!
  6. How many could tell that you're wearing a rep? Few of the people I meet have ever handled a Submariner in their whole life... I'm use to buy only rep of watches that I can afford or that people may think I can... (a 50,000 $ Patek? C'mon guys...) and I've owned many expensive gen in the past (Rolex 1601/14000, Eberahard Navymaster, two Breitling Chronomat, Universal Geneve Polerouter...) And the nowadays rep are just stunning... Only a trained eye may catch any tiny fault/difference... BTW... I would not say anything about my watches... I just let them guess...
  7. Forum updated/changes

    I was thinking that my country had the worst unemployment situation in EU... Good luck mate...
  8. Forum updated/changes

    Shame on you guys... let's help the Admin to buy a couple of Aged bottles... One of my all time fav...
  9. What if....

    Thank you... useful info!
  10. Anothe TD Time question by a newbie

    The TDs can be found here https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/ DO NOT search any seller by Googling his name...You'll most likely directed to a scam site (the scammers often use a site with the same name as the Trusted Seller...) The TDs often change their URL/Site... the list on the forum is updated... always rely on the URL on the list.
  11. What if....

    Forgot to ask... just in case (pun intented LOL) what is better to fit? 2824 or 2836?
  12. What if....

    Many thanks! Many cases are from U.S. ... If I win an auction I think I'll ask for a FedEx or UPS shipping although I'm going to pay the Custom Fees for sure (better than a lost/stolen parcel)
  13. Hello from London

    Welcome mate... I have a soft spot for London... I've been there only twice ( 1st time in Sussex Garden then Russell Square) but I always keep that city in my heart ( Hey... That's where the Prog Rock was born!) Enjoy your stay!
  14. What if....

    Looks good! But I can't find it... Link? (Please...)
  15. What if....

    Thank you @Drummania Any suggestion for sourcing gen case/dial/bezel? (Question to anybody is reading this...) There is not much on eBay...