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  1. Wanted: Rolex 114300 BLUE Oyster Perpetual in EU Hi guys, I am looking for a 114300 with the blue dial. EU is preferred. If you want to sell, send me a PM. Thanks!
  2. Will do! Will take some time since the parts still need to be shipped etc, but worth the wait.
  3. Yes ssteel is going to build this piece. Thanks for the good tip [emoji1417][emoji41]
  4. I’m based in NL but whole Europe is good.
  5. Looking for modder in EU (Rolex Datejust) Hi guys, i have a nice project for a vintage Rolex datejust for which i’m looking for a good modder in the EU. I have all the parts (some gen) but it needs to be assemblee. Can anyone provide me with some good tips on who to contact? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the informative reply, very helpful!! Will also look for a newer model DJ in that case. Really like the 36mm size datejusts.
  7. ]Hi all, looking for a nice franken vintage datejust rep. If you want to sell or know a someone who sells, please send me a PM. I’m in EU so that’s prefered but open to worldwide. Thanks guys!
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