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  1. Happy Birthday wflinn!

  2. Happy Birthday wflinn!

  3. Happy Birthday wflinn!

  4. Yeah its hard to tell if the lume has that vintage tone.
  5. Thoughts? http://www.1-pc8838.com/index.php
  6. The 360 is out not sure of quality yet. Just received my 005m beautiful. Movement is crap high beat on the way.
  7. pelagic

    tube size

    Thought about doing that just wondering if there were any other ideas. Thanks
  8. pelagic

    tube size

    Received my tube and gen crown and installed it but the crown doesn't sit close to the case is there something I need to do to the tube? Thanks
  9. The search continues.
  10. Pms sent thanks for the reply.
  11. pelagic

    tube size

    Where did you source that? How much? How did you fit it to the case?
  12. pelagic

    tube size

    Nice pics where is that bezel from?
  13. pelagic

    tube size

    Yeah I have a mbw case ill have to check it out I have the gen crown just ordered a tube of the bay. Thanks for the info.
  14. pelagic

    tube size

    Thanks Is it that hard to remove the tube does the gen one screw right in or do I have to drill it and re-tap it? Thanks
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