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  1. The legitimacy is what I was trying to confirm. You nailed it on the head when you said 'There are a lot of companies that are close to the same name...' If you dig a little deeper about the company, location, and phone numbers, it is a front for a criminal organization using stolen credit cards to scam small businesses out of merchandise. The info you provided it tells me that the criminal organization is using legitimate company names and altering the names a little and creating simple websites with .org or .net mimicking the same services as the legitimate company.
  2. Gents and Gals, Has anyone heard of Zenith Solution Inc. http://www.zenithsolutions.net/hi-tech-and-hi-solv ???? I am trying to find out if this website is a front for a nationwide Identify Theft Scam. A guy by the Name of John Howell is the Project Manager with an African accent, from what I gather on the site, the 800 number when googled covers two different companies. One is the cleaning service and another is a marriage service. The captured photo attached is one of the pages of the website.
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