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  1. DonDucker

    Want to get hold of ROO Safari

    Nice! yeah I did hit Legend up in a PM hopefully he has some suggestions or could even help me with a build.
  2. The AP ROO Safari (all white) has been my grail for some time now. I have previously bought a BK SubC Date with Sponge-boob mod bezel that I absolutely love. This year I want to make my dram come to reality with the ROO Safari. Looking for a franken/mod or someone who could help out with this? Any advice or push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to this awesome forum!
  3. I mean can you get it serviced before they ship?
  4. Hi, do any of the TD’s offer a servicing option and possibly replacement for different movements? looking to pick up a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms.. been looking at InTime but couldn’t see any options to do any of that on the website.
  5. This was a very helpful post... Initially I was set on the JLC Diver but kin of leaning towards the BBFF I think the bigger size will be a great fit alongside my Sub. My only hesitation was the inability to easily change straps... but this seams like a good hack. By changing to the OEM Lugbars or the SEIKO this should be very easy to change straps. Can someone tell me what the 'tells' are wit this watch? And am I correct with that the ZF Black is the most accurate version? Some ppl might find this link of comparison shots between a noob, ZF and Gen interesting (unfortunately in Chinese but pictures are helpful). http://tieba.baidu.com/p/5145026194 as far as I can tell the ZF looks very much like Gen... but are there any direct known tells?
  6. DonDucker

    JLC Navy Seals Diver Q

    Thanks, I see TT have 3 "versions" available... https://www.intime02.co/jaeger-lecoultre/3268-jaeger-lecoultre-master-compressor-diving-automatic-navy-noob-1-1-best-edition-on-leather-strap-a2824.html https://www.intime02.co/jaeger-lecoultre/952-master-compressor-diving-automatic-navy-a2824-.html https://www.intime02.co/jaeger-lecoultre/1240-master-compressor-diving-automatic-navy-a2824-.html One with the leather strap... and then two on the old rubber strap, the pics of the rubber strap are a bit blown out but to me it almost seams that the 'triangle pearl' on the bezel is more precises and in tune to the gen on the ribber strap then on the leather? Also (the last link) the Swiss ETA is this the best option to go with? And this is a Chinese copy for Swiss right? Regarding the "notch" is this not in line with the gen? Do you have a picture of this.. not quite sure what you mean. Will this watch be able to take other straps like Nato etc? Sorry for the many questions just very keen on this watch and not much info out there about it.
  7. DonDucker

    JLC Navy Seals Diver Q

    No love for this watch ey?
  8. DonDucker

    JLC Navy Seals Diver Q

    I understand that the JLC Navy Seals Diver was first released with a plastic strap (this was the first version) and it was considered a Super Rep as it was extremely close to gen. But then it stopped being manufactured and later another company started manufacturing witch is the JLC NSL with the leather strap that seams to be the one available today. I have got confirmation that the leather strap is of very high standard but do not know anything about the watch itself... can someone please comment on quality and if it holds the same standards as the first release? Kind Regards
  9. DonDucker

    ARF 126600 just arrived. Lots of pics.

    Would be very keen to know if you could interchange and combine pieces from the ARF Sub and the Noob... anyone know? Bezel and bracelet look very nice on this one...
  10. DonDucker

    Go ARF or Noob v7 SubC

    Yes that is a bit strange.. Where is the best place to pick up a gen dial?
  11. DonDucker

    Go ARF or Noob v7 SubC

    Yes it does look nice, would be very keen to know if anyone has ever tried the ARF bracelet and bezel on the V7? would love to know if they parts are compatible ?
  12. DonDucker

    Go ARF or Noob v7 SubC

    Hi, Thanks for that.. I dont know why I can not seam to find this discussion in the search. Search function is really not working great for me keeps saying 0 hits... I have to go and do my searches in google and ad "RWG forum" I get more hits by doing this. You think you could link to the post?
  13. DonDucker

    Go ARF or Noob v7 SubC

    I hear so much conflicting reviews of the V7 and the ARF. To me the ARF looks like it has a much better bracelet as well as bezel specially the loom? what does the V7 have on the ARF? Feels like Noob have been stuck on V7 for some time while ARF (if I’m not mistaken) have been busy putting out new upgraded versions has the ARF not surpassed the V7? Ps do you know how I could get hold of Spongeboob?
  14. DonDucker

    Go ARF or Noob v7 SubC

    Have narrowed it down to Sub-C date! Now trying to way up between the ARF or the BK Noob V7. would love to hear from ppl who have these watches or any experience or knowledge regarding the matter. Also could anyone tell me what the Spongeboob is? Who does it and what does it look like?
  15. DonDucker

    What are some of the coolest Sunglasses to wear?

    Where do you order your glasses from? are there any good TD forums/websites for rep 1:1 rep fashion?