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  1. Guys, appreciate the context. As someone who would not have considered purchasing a REP for obvious reasons......here I am, late to the show! It would be very interesting to me to understand the profile of individuals who chose to collect these pieces. If I may, I believe from what I have read, several profiles have morphed over time. If I could summarize, please comment: Initially, due to less expensive REPs, there are those who love the idea of collecting many different watches for the pure enjoyment and would quickly acknowledge that they are wearing a REP. Current economic circumstances would never truly convince anyone that they were in a position to purchase a GEN. REP's at the current market valuation may no longer be in the cards and this individual (in mass) may be disappearing. Then there is the new breed of collector who probably has both GENs and REPs. Loves watches and can afford the less expensive GENs and supplements with higher end REPs. I would argue that a third group also exists which could and would spend a sizeable amount on a GEN(s), has a few high end GENs but also loves the idea of collecting, perhaps modding to make the REP unique in some form. This individual does not have issue with a $1-3K investment on a Franken watch because it is GEN sufficient and allows for multiple watches. This individual can very easily pull off wearing a REP and no one would ever question whether it was GEN or not. The question is has the market identified this higher end buyer and is pricing accordingly...i.e..the example of a REP at $1100 above? Just some thoughts from a noobie.....
  2. Just wondering if there is diminishing interest in the hobby in general or have the quality of Reps not improved over the years? My observation as a newbie is that there appears to be a drop off compared to years earlier in the quantity and quality of posts. Not intending to disparage anyone, however it seems that the interest level has changed which also includes interest in watchmakers wishing to provide mod or repair service. I am actually very excited to be here and wish to make this a hobby. My interest would be to purchase the best in Rep' and perhaps have them modified with upgrades which would make them more reliable or closer to Gen. I know the tendency is to flame newbie's simply because they are attempting to acquire as much knowledge as possible and it is mundane to a seasoned poster so I promise not to ask too many stupid questions.... Appreciate your time and response. Rick
  3. Good Morning....new here! Are there any cabinetmakers on who have set up a cottage business supplying custom cases or is there a vendor who does first quality work in exotic woods or leather? Thanks for looking!
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