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  1. Newbie here! First off great site! I've been reading great posts on this site about websites: InTime PureInTime PureTime05 I’ve read on here some of these are TD but the review was from circa ‘13 ‘14 ‘15. Can I assume the same owner has kept their good standing? Thnaks.
  2. Holy Moly!!! Thanks. Talk about copy-kats, Geeezzzz.
  3. Newbie Here! Are these folks the same as Pureintime? I was on their site and the photos seem to be real in the sense they’re taking photos of their actual product.
  4. Strike One! How about WatchOutlet?... formerly Watchstation.
  5. Wow! Thanks everyone. It’s nice to have experienced feedback. I potentially just saved myself a huge headache and loss of some $$$. Cheers!
  6. Hello Newbie here, I wanted to inquire about Watchessalebest? My research for a particular watch brought me to their website but I’m unsure of the relaibilty. Would like feedback or input? I did check out the TD list and could not find them...maybe a sign! Sorry for the newbie question. Thanks and Great site!
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