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  1. Hello chaps, just purchased a new omega Seamaster professional 300m in black. I love the watch but the bezel insert is sheeed. I purchase from Ofrei all the time but it looks like they don't have the bezel assembly and insert in stock. Does anyone have any ideas? I have asked around but it looks like Omega are clamping down pretty hard on spares. Thanks
  2. buffdmv

    My 16610T

    I have pretty good taste in watches I was just busting your chops. It's a German Staib bracelet.
  3. buffdmv

    My 16610T

    I guess that means you think it's crap
  4. wow.... some very nice stuff in that collection.....
  5. Everything about this rep is sweet IMHO, except: 1: The hands, especially the minute hand has residue on the gold face (it was photoshoped out in the QC pics) 2: The spring pins they used are sheeite. Superb watch from 2 feet away. Hoping to get another set of hands in case I cant get them polished out.
  6. No matter how you look at it the bezel will never look right.... #genbezelneeded #$2500 Still a fantastic watch. and I am not a Jets fan......
  7. I love this watch, was a little peeved to have some hour hand scuffs on the face from the factory. QC photos didn't show it. Still amazing though.
  8. buffdmv

    My 16610T

    I thought I would show her off a little. Bought her a few years ago. She is my daily. Originally a TCv6 with a few bits and bobs....
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