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  1. InTime Rep Website

    HI Brad, You make some interesting points. I am going to do some more research before diving in again (although admittedly thought I had done alot already, not enough it seems)but will eventually find someway to pursue this passion that's for sure. I have also got a VISA as well as a MasterCard so would be interested if your VISA attempt works. If it does please let me know because I would have one last go. Just not prepared to faff about with MasterCard payments which are not being presented at the other end. Good luck and thanks for the update. All the best. John.
  2. InTime Rep Website

    Hi Brad, Just to update you my third attempt at sending payment again failed and my Bank has confirmed that the request for payment from Intime was never raised. I was offered just Bitcoin with a discount this time. This is a real shame as I had hoped with his rep things would go well but I see no use in continuing to try and send payment as there is no block my end so it is either a fault with their system or they do not wish to accept a mastercard payment. I fully accept that acquiring reps takes time and patience but if I can't send payment in the first place then we can even get the ball rolling and therefore I have very reluctantly decided to walk away. I genuinely hope things work out better for you. I have started to collect watches and had really hoped to secure this one but hey ho I need to look at where I go from here. Good luck. All the best. John.
  3. InTime Rep Website

    Hi Brad, The 48 hours Ryan suggests to wait to see if it goes through is up tomorrow although my cc says it probably won't be presented now. So once this is up I will try once more. Don't want to do WU after what i have heard about Chinese govt having issues with this from this year. I will keep you posted but please let me know if you find a satisfactory solution. Had hoped my first purchase from Ryan would go well as he has a good rep and specifically chose him on his rep and quality. Fingers crossed it works next time. Cheers. John.
  4. InTime Rep Website

    Hi Brad, I'm having the same problem. Ordered from Intime and told cc refused. Yes it was cc security blocked it. Rang them and had block lifted. Re-ordered as per Intime's instruction and In time tell me cc refused again. Contacted bank and the bank tells me they have not presented and there is no problem paying if they present. Intime keep offering WU or Bitcoin same as you. I am led to believe WU is an issue in China from Jan 2018. I intend to try to reorder once more then try to source from somewhere else.
  5. Newbie unsure if this is genuine site

    Thank you For your help.
  6. Hi All, New to all this but look to buy and found this site. https://www.intime02.co Is this the site of Ryan that everybody talks about. Ordered but cc payment not gone through yet and they are suggesting using western union for s discount. Any advice gratefully received. Cheers.