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  1. InTime Rep Website

    I'd say things are moving along in a good direction with Ryan still. I received photos of the watches today (yay) and the time measurements. I think that's pretty awesome they send photos of the watches and then sent photos of the watches and the time measurements on the meter. One is running 5sec fast/day and the other is 10sec fast/day. I'm not familar with the standards for autos or for the A2836. Anyone know if these are good numbers? Thanks!
  2. InTime Rep Website

    Hi, I'm in U.S. My order just got approved by CC using the same one 4 times (my bank advised me to not use the other card because I would have to go through all the security blocks again separately for that card and it would just take longer to start over) and getting on the phone many times to get approval. It seems there are at least 2 levels of security that block and I had to move up each level every time to get approval by re ordering again and again and after one attempt was reported as having the wrong security numbers (I don't feel this was my error but...). Shanghai is considered "very high risk" when it comes to Fraud according to my banks security blocks. I'm not sure if this CC method is set up by the website to flounder as a deterrent to using CC but is an option for customer to engage interest to begin to encourage them to use WU or BC after failed attempts. And or it's simply bank security protection that flounders. Either way, if it's simply a method set up by the website for Ryan in protecting his position, I understand, and if the purchase and items are still legit and trusted then it is was it is and the end result is what matters in the trust in that. I'm still waiting to hear back from Ryan so hope to see this continue in the right direction and finding the happy ending in this, and me being a new trusted customer to support Ryan as a TD - so far so good I'd say (in spite of the hoops). I'll post to the end results - thanks!
  3. InTime Rep Website

    Yes thank you I appreciate that that's a very good post and insight. I even understand all that I guess I just felt the need for some protection for myself as well it's kind of a whole new culture to this I had to get aware of and learning more from now. He does does have the credit card option and that's what I've been trying to exercise this is my fourth attempt now so I guess that's another issue. Thanks again for your input I appreciate it I thought your English is actually very good I understood everything you said thank you.
  4. InTime Rep Website

    Well that's interesting because I'm on my fourth attempt now after checking with the bank the first one was a security issue that should have went through after confirmation and the second one but they had to raise the block and security level and then the second one got blocked because they said that the security code was put in wrong. I know I didn't enter it in incorrectly they said the merchant could have done something incorrectly with it so then I tried a third time and again it got denied. My bank said it could have been because it needed a higher security level but they already told me that the on second one. I've messaged Ryan throughout all this I haven't gotten really clear responses unfortunately maybe it's just a language thing or he's busy but they haven't been very attentive to the details of the situation and again like you said there's the offering of Bitcoin or Litecoin now. I'm going to try one more attempt with the VISA instead of the MasterCard and Ryan's always responded to me and is advised me to try it again. This will be my last attempt if it doesn't go through now, according to my bank it's all clear nothing should stop iit. I will give up as well and chalk it up to just being something bogus that there really is no credit card payment. Could be I'd hate to say, a bait and then switch you to try to do the other options which may be just for his own protection and he still comes through but I don't wish to open another account with another financial means. Perhaps there is no credit card true payment option just to help you get motivated by getting it denied. If I'm wrong then I apologize and hope that that's not the case. I read another post that someone had in the past where they said the same thing where the security code was entered incorrectly well they didn't believe they did it on their part. It would be interesting if you could also message Ryan as well he's a member on the forum, I'd be curious as to what he would say to that. Thanks for the updates let me know where you go from here because I may follow you LOL.
  5. InTime Rep Website

    Thanks.....yea maybe that's why his last message was Bitcoin or Litecoin, neither have I ever used before. Doesn't sound like WU is a good option then. It's frustrating waiting so long just to get the order through - done it twice done. I too went to Ryan specifically because of the Rep and TD so at least I'm getting closer to accepting the trust, just want a better way to pay.
  6. InTime Rep Website

    Hey John Thanks. Yes I too approved it after my bank blocked it and did a second order and Ryan says now it was denied also. Don't see any charges on my bank account so it seems it didn't go through. I messaged Ryan here on the forum as he is also a member I see. Trying to see if we can work something out with Paypal......waiting see hear back. Doesn't look promising and I hate to do WU or BC. Perhaps WU is the easiest to not have to link bank account info and sign up with an ongoing account (sounds like allot of work) - not sure. Any input from anyone who found the easiest safest way that works please do tell Let me know what happens John and I will advise too. Ryan messaged me asking for the account info but it was getting late so I expect I'll get more tonight, but looks good that he is in communication.
  7. InTime Rep Website

    Thank you.....Yes I get the trust and rep. That's why I thought Paypal is a good option for a purchase as I understood it protects both parties if you do it as a purchase of goods. I suppose that can't be done like a credit card gets denied? Anyways, the discussion here helps me to feel more trust in this so I appreciate that. I will contact Ryan. Thanks again.
  8. InTime Rep Website

    Thanks again. It seems my only options at this point are western union or bitpoin. Both have no recourse so I was wondering who may have experienced the same recently with positive results.
  9. InTime Rep Website

    Thanks Buddy......that's exactly the WS I went to. Has anyone or you done another method of payment that works ok? Like I said I didn't like the WU or BC but I guess if it's trusted and I have assurance then ok.
  10. InTime Rep Website

    Hey all, Been a bit of a Stalker around here so I thought I'd just come on in..... Soooooooo, Been reading about Reps cause I got the bug for an Explorer II. Saw "InTime" website here as a TD and made a CC purchase - 2x denied Visa. "Ryan" keeps telling me about the BitCoin and WU option with discounts. Makes me a little uncomfortable due to the nature of the transaction. I offered PayPal but the says cannot do for 1st transaction. Lookinmg at the NOOB A2836 model as I've read it seems to be the best overall quality. Have not seen any recent threads on InTime and thought I'd seek some input on the trust level at this point in time and the method of purchase. Thanks!