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  1. Champsy

    AP Picture thread

    Sent from me
  2. Champsy

    116520 black modded ARF by legend

    Extremely sufficient I’m yet to find pool 50 metres deep Sent from me
  3. Champsy

    116520 black modded ARF by legend

    Great choice, looks stunning [emoji108] Not many people will supply that sort of service, another amazing job all round by the @legend Sent from me
  4. Champsy

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    Congrats brother Mike [emoji122] Sent from me
  5. Champsy

    Rolex Wristies thread

    Sent from me
  6. Ok watch is finally back in safe hands, still to be forwarded on to me but have no issues about that seeing as whom it is with. Have to say thanks to all the guys that badgered the life out of Jason on the thread on rwi, you all know who you are. Obviously a special thanks to the admin team for getting involved and helping me out, as you see my patience only lasts so long so without you I would of written it off.
  7. Champsy

    AP Picture thread

    Sent from me
  8. Champsy

    AP Picture thread

    Sent from me
  9. Champsy

    AP Picture thread

    Haha that was actually 7 years ago the first day we got the boy, she (circled) obviously wasn’t sure of him [emoji23] Sent from me
  10. Champsy

    AP Picture thread

    He said he looks forward to meeting you both one day@legend @sogeha Sent from me
  11. Champsy

    AP Picture thread

    [emoji208] 🤠 Sent from me
  12. Champsy

    just bought from www.PureTime.io is it legit?

    Nice gens [emoji108] Sent from me
  13. Champsy

    Fully Reworked Cartel 1675

    Far from knowledgable but that looks great, If like you say the date is actually centred. Sent from me
  14. Champsy

    AP Picture thread

    Evening brother Sent from me