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  1. Champsy

    AP Picture thread

    Sent from me
  2. Champsy

    First AP Diver

    No I don't think it does. Take @Legend advice or get a gen one. Makes all the difference on the wrist as well.
  3. Champsy

    First AP Diver

    Oh that’s painful but it could of been worse at least the watch itself is fine and didn’t drop to the floor and break or lose it swimming. Like you say the heat and humidity has been bad and could of done that to a gen one tbh. I switched out to the bracelet in this heat, learnt my lesson lol Sent from me
  4. Champsy

    First AP Diver

    I feel for you I have had a couple of straps melt away on holiday in the suN.
  5. Champsy

    👋 Hello!

    Welcome Aaron. Like you I came from the gen world only a few months back to find some reps so I didn’t lose the house, wife and daughter. Great people here who are willing to help you all the time so enjoy. Oh and I don’t believe you sorry, wristie confirmation please?!! Sunny Scotland [emoji848] haha that’s a good one. Sent from me
  6. Champsy

    First AP Diver

    Congrats buddy love the strap to.
  7. Champsy

    AP Picture thread

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  8. Champsy

    Only in Alaska

    [emoji85] oops Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Champsy


    Being new to the hobby and especially the forums it is great to see the admin step in and help get this sorted for the seller. I have personally dealt with the seller in the last few months and found him to be nothing but honest and accommodating in every way possible so it is good to see justice done and I also look forward to seeing Karma come around for this sad excuse of a scamming pig. Tariq like the guys have said, enjoy watching over that shoulder because from what I’ve learnt this hobby is a close one and if you try to hurt one it’s like taking on an army. Good luck [emoji867] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Champsy

    Want to get hold of ROO Safari

    Great choice love this piece also myself. @Legend Would be my choice for either a franken or a nice modded version. I do also believe he has the gen in his collection. Look forward to seeing some pics if you go ahead.
  11. Champsy

    A modded XF FC diver v2

    Congrats on a lovely looking watch. [emoji108] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Champsy

    Rolex Wristies thread

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  13. Champsy

    AP Picture thread

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  14. Champsy

    AP Picture thread

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  15. Champsy


    Second that open the flood gates!