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  1. Can’t get enough of this one. Where’d you get that dial?
  2. Email Phong and ask for the photos: pdinh480@gmail.com
  3. Wow, simply wow! I have to ask, why reps when you have a gen like that?
  4. http://www.jewelryandwatch.com/contents/en-us/d135.html#p987 NOT a TD
  5. Lookin’ good! What are the specs on this one?
  6. The PNW is snowed in with an unprecedented 12” of fresh powder! At least I can still tell the time...
  7. My Tudor 2562 is in good working order, albeit waiting on a stem. I think I will wait on the blue dials to be available with Phong again in April(ish) to do that blue dial build I want. It’ll be a 7021/0 but that’s cool. The Tudor 2561 needs some work - missing some of the keyless works and some various screws. I will be working to get that running to eventually tackle a 7016/0.
  8. I present for your viewing pleasure a 1981 Genstein Franken Tudor 9411/0. The project started out with the purchase of a genuine Tudor 2784 movement and went from there. - Gen Tudor 2784 movement, fully disassembled, cleaned, oiled, and rebuilt. Required new automatic works bridge, balance wheel, keyless works, and stem. Unfortunately I have not sourced a glucydur balance wheel so it’s nickel for now - Gen 704 Rolex crown and tube - MQ mid case and case back. Fully reshaped & tapered lugs and lightly repshaped CG’s. Chamfers recut and case repolished. Tube retapped and countersunk to accept gen tube - Phong bezel assembly and insert. Lightly aged and repolished - Phong dial relumed - TC hand set, aged in Pacific Ocean water and organic apple cider vinegar, relumed to match dial - Verlux 25-125 crystal - Erika’s Original MN strap - And the odds and ends, gaskets lubed, new dial seat, new case clamps, new movement ring, pressure fit all parts, etc
  9. My glucydur balance wheel arrived from germany! ...but the staff had a broken pinion. NOS my @$$ I decided to pick up a standard nickel balance wheel for now to get my watch going (it was supposed to be my Christmas gift to myself after all). That is installed and things are running smoothly. Since I’m with a matte black dial I need to decide on the insert. Three to choose from: Phong Black, Slay Kissing 40 Black, or Phong Blue. Nothing has been aged yet but when I do it’ll be a light touch. Lets crowd source some thoughts on this, what do you like best?
  10. Dial and hands relumed. So, I take back anything bad I have ever said about a lume application to a Tudor Dial - what a pain in the...every plot has four corners. But it’s done and I like it. Oh, and yeah, it’s a matte black dial now. Turned out Phong got a bad batch of gloss blue dials for gen movements. The date window misaligned to the date wheel. He promptly sent me a black one with a black insert. When the blue ones come in I’ll pick one up and swap it out. For now my 9411 will be a black dial project it seems.
  11. Thank you sir! Never did get that Explorer dial to relume... 😉
  12. It’s possible but there’s a few issues that make it tricky: - the lume changes appearance based on the plot below it. For instance, White is best as it help reflect the glow/lume base color. Black makes the lume darker and lume base tone appear darker. - it’s easy enough to mix a lume to match another lume but it’s far more difficult to get the two lumes to match in level of glow. If it is possible, remove lume, replot the white triangle then relume
  13. Continuing the lume work - this time it’s a 5513 meters first with a burnt ochre lume repsenting an dark aged tritium. (Excuse the dust on the dial)
  14. Finished reshaping the lugs this evening. Cut down the top a bit to make more gradual the slope from the rehaute down to the tip, then recut the chamfer, and repolished everything. I did intentionally ease the edges of the chamfer, I don’t want sharp, new cuts. It’s all slowly coming together. Now if only that new gluycdur balance wheel would show up from Germany...
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