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  1. Hi together, after decided to start my first own project for a Daytona 6263, I‘ve found so many important stuff and research here - thanks for that! And the first members gave some helpful advise. To my person: mid 30s and own two original pieces (a 1962 Datejust and a 2016 Sub 114060). But the 6263 is far away from my price range... Can‘t wait to get started and thankful to be here! Cheers from Hamburg
  2. FabseHH

    Is this 6263 a suitable base for modding?

    Yes, I saw this post. But to me the JK versions looks better - but has a 7750... And now the question is, if there is chance for modding (including changing the movement). And I can't find anything to "JK Factory"... Reliable etc.? Thanks for your help - and sorry for using the same headline!
  3. Hi guys, I am quite new here and after reading so much I am pretty sure you can help me with my project! I found this 6263 from Andrew: http://trustytimestore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=352&products_id=16330 Could this be a good basis for modding? I found a lot about DW, Cartel, Phong and Ruby - what's the main difference for modding? And is it possible to change the automatic movement with a handwind movement and use a thiner case back? Thanks for your help and sorry in advance for the maybe stupid questions as a "newbie"!