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  1. Hey all, my name is Bob. I got an automatic datejust rep many years ago in New York, it’s still ticking away. My son (6 yr old) picked out a watch for me for Xmas last year. The battery recently died and opened it up to replace it. The screws on the movement were barely scored and I could not get it off, so I fired up the computer in search of a way to remove the screw and found this forum among others in the process. I got my solution (cut the groove deeper with an x-acto knife). I also got hooked on reps in the process. Since then I’ve accumulated a couple more, pics below. Now I’ve got the itch to do a franken 16200 to replace the datejust and then a 16610. IWC annual Noob sub v6 with a2836 Trusty old datejust that is like to recreate with gen parts. Id be curious to know if anyone recognizes the movement, it has held up for 12+ years with no service at all.
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