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  1. Right! A fresh batch of pictures in. I would welcome comments before they are eventually deleted by a moderator. In my view, this looks like a better overall piece than the last (picture directly below with the red markings). The new piece looks good. The only thing that appears "off" is that the 12 o clock batons aren't straight. They are a bit like like this: / \ to my untrained eye. Question: Is this something a friendly and skilled watchmaker can fix? Anyone on here? Any other comments? Should I accept? Pictures of the current piece on offer below. I think I will accept this watch and try and get the little bits sorted when i have more money.
  2. An update. I gave the TD my feedback last week and they have promptly acknowledge receipt of my email. However, I am yet to have his actual comments but has said he "waiting for the factory". Is this normal? I went back on Friday.
  3. Thanks guy. I was just curious about the genuine dial - I don't have anywhere near that kind of money! Hoping TD will come back to me with his thoughts on my comments, today. For the guide, if I can't find a watch that I would accept - would I get my money back or he'd just send any watch he wanted?
  4. Great post, thank you! As part of the guide, it might be just the ticket to include some fine-tuning about "modding". Which as I understand it, in simple terms means giving the watch to a watchmaker of sorts and he can then put in genuine parts, repair or modify. This could include something like cleaning up the face of the watch. Is there anyone in the UK or a watchmaker in London that could be recommended? For this watch, it's just the lume splodge that I think needs cleaning up. I can see the QC pictures have been removed, but if I get another set, should I post those temporarily for comments?
  5. Thanks again. Let's see what the TD says... I think the splodge on 6 marker is a problem for me. The rest I can live with.
  6. Hi and thank you! I think it looks ok, but I guess I'm not sure what the average "ok" looks like! But it's very buoying to have a couple of people suggest that it is not bad already. Will wait and see what the TD says to my queries. I've explained that I'm not rejecting but I'd appreciate his thoughts. How do I find a watchmaker who would be open to helping on a replica? I'm between Ireland and London. And out of curiosity, could you fit a genuine dial on a PF replica? If it's 1:1 you should be able to? Something like this? (Crazy prices, I know! Just dreaming/asking).
  7. Cheers. Very helpful and apologies (sorry!) if I was overly keen! I will continue with my guide as I do want to try to give something back. Mods, please remove the pictures if you feel that is right (I've reported my post). The way I read the email was that if I accepted the QC then I shouldn't post, and I haven't accepted yet, so I posted but the mods can take them down of course, but it will make the guide less helpful.
  8. Disappointing to not have much enthusiasm for this guide. Thanks in any event and I'll probably leave things here.
  9. All, I have received the QC pictures. I would welcome your thoughts please. 1. 12 o clock batons aren't quite in-line. 6 o clock has lume outside of the metal. 2. 6 o clock baton appears to have lume underneath in the picture where the watch is on it's side with 12 o clock on the right. 3. Screw seems to be protruding out on the picture with the Patek crown facing upwards with watch on side 4. There is a symbol I don't recognise on the movement. Almost looks like a Chinese character in the picture with rear of watch with crown to the right. 5. There seems to be lume in the bezel over the numbers? Is that right? These are my thoughts. I am being too picky? (Photos edited out by request of author -Nanuq)
  10. All, I have received the QC pictures but the emails ask that I do not share them. Is this normal? I would add that I didn't agree to this before payment and i very much want the guidance of the forum. Could you advise please? I don't want to break any rules.
  11. Update. I have taken a deep breath and pulled the trigger. $525 worth of tension coming up! I've been told to expect the QC pictures in about 2 - 7 days. I will post these up and invite all the help and suggestions that come in, but it may be worth setting out a general "what to look for" and a more specific "Nautilus list" if people are feeling helpful?
  12. I will be placing the order with Andy next week. I am excited and I will post pictures of the QC process. I would be very grateful if you and other would guide me through the QC process.
  13. Thank you for the kind words and for your excellent post. That is really good advice. I think you're right, in that, to me the form and authenticity of the watch case and bracelet are the most important factors to me. It seems that the PF is broadly accepted to be a far superior body of the watch, while the MK dial is better it's not that much better. So basically, I could live with the PF dial as I believe it's already of a very good standard. Very good advice about the TDs not answering and that I should be put off. They have all come back eventually, but they must lose sales like this? For example, I was going to buy from one TD so I only contacted him. Then he went quiet so I contacted someone else and now he has competition. Furthermore, 2 out of 3 TDs have said that the PF version is their choice. Only one (InTime) has said it's the MK for him. I will try and see if I can maybe have a MK dial on a PF watch.
  14. Unfortunately, without physically seeing the watches you can't tell which is better. To ask a pointed question, is the general consensus that the MK version is better than the PF version of the 5711? MK version is $50 cheaper - https://www.intime03.co/patek-philippe/5379-nautilus-jumbo-5711a-ss-v5-mk-1-1-best-version-blue-dial-on-bracelet-cal324cs-free-box.html PF version is supposed to have the better case and is thinner - http://www.trustytime.biz/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=39_199&products_id=17801 I am still inclined to go with PF factory, but grateful to the members for raising the MK. Haha, wish there was a shop you could just drop into and actually see things properly! Is it possible to have the MK dial put on the PF watch?
  15. Thank again. Now I'm stuck because InTime has come back to me and said he thinks the MK version is better as it has a better dial! Haha, I will try and do some research.