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  1. Looks like a very nice quality rep. ARF or Noob for you?
  2. Been trying to buy a top quality 1:1 Panerai 1940 3 days or a Luminor Due in either steel or good quality gold plating. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be around. Are other members having this experience? I'd be happy to hear from members and also if you have one for sale!
  3. Not as many suggestions as I thought this thread would get, but thank you all.
  4. Thank you all for the excellent posts. Am I right in saying then that the link I put is good quality and is worth going for? Bold font above to highlight the point I'm referring to. I would love to try that Panerai if the gold finish is good. Would you recommend a buy personally?
  5. That was my instinct, so I am glad I asked! So when a TD describes something as gold plated, they're telling porkies? Thank you for your helpful post.
  6. I like the look of this watch, but I have no experience of any gold plating with replicas. I would be grateful for some thoughts and views. Maybe some of the very experienced members here could even offer a some technical explanations between gold wrapping, gold plating and the various things to be aware of? 🙂 Are replicas with gold plating as good as SS watches, or is it a step too far? For example, the 11610 in SS is a "super replica" but would a gold version be as good? Some pictures of watches with gold plating and some owner thoughts would be great.
  7. It's arrived! Working hard at the moment so will need to find time to take some nice pictures. Very pleased with my new watch!
  8. Thank you for that recommendation as well. Look forward to some more with time.
  9. Thank you very much. Any links to watches you personally feel an affinity to? Best factory for ladies AP?
  10. Hi, I can't find a lot of discussion on ladies watches on this forum. I don't have a fixed idea of what to get, but I would be very grateful for some information on which models by which factory, you would all consider to the best 1:1 replicas in terms of closeness to the original. I don't really mind what make it is, as long as it is a good quality replica. I'm sure she will be very happy with anything elegant and tasteful. I would like to get my other half something that she can wear with pride! Thank you very much.
  11. Another week and still nothing sadly! Not even an update on the tracker really, but the TD says they only update when they get into the country destination. I am getting a little concerned that it will get lost in the Christmas rush...!
  12. Hi and thank you for the useful info. I'm going to go into zen mode and wait it out!
  13. Hi guys, just an update. Still waiting on the watch to come through...! For my edification and for this thread, how long is normal to wait for a watch to be sent from China to the UK? I believe there is quite a range and some weeks is not uncommon?
  14. I've been in touch and he's been super professional and helpful. I will be sending my watch to him once I have saved up a little.
  15. What a lovely set of posts. @Legend, I will be in touch once I get the watch! Thank you all so very much - power of the internet! @Legend, are you based in the UK though?
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