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  1. SharkfactorII

    Rolex Wristies thread

  2. SharkfactorII

    Rolex Wristies thread

  3. SharkfactorII

    Feedback on Submariner

    crown guards, date font, endlinks not solid, off centre pearl, minute markers, bezel thickness, hour hand, is that a sea dweller case (very thick).. overall;? very poor.
  4. SharkfactorII

    New 16610 & 116610 today.. what you think?

    Thanks for your comments. The bracelet edges on a genuine 16610 are brushed. They are polished on the 116610 and also they're polished on a 16600 Sea-Dweller but not a 16610. The date font and the insert I can replace, but the crown is not a good copy, it's poor. You say it's in the wrong position? I know it screws to close to the case.. It is a fantastic rep though. The bracelet links on the JF feel really good but the clasp lets it down it's very thin metal and cheap feeling (yes we know the gen is cheap feeling too but this is very cheap/bad). The bracelet overall though is poor quality - look what happened, it just fell off my wrist yesterday! I reached out to Andrew, $95 for a new one he says.. I don't think I want to buy another of those one, can you recommend a better (than a JF) bracelet anyone?
  5. SharkfactorII

    New 16610 & 116610 today.. what you think?

    Now sorted this, bezel feels much better. Replica's must be getting really good now - it's been a while now, nobody noticed that the 116610 pictured above is actually a genuine Rolex. This watch arrived the very same day as the JF16610, can you believe it? I was on a waiting list at the local AD for a new Submariner and had no idea when it would come, some folk are waiting months/years for this model, so I ordered the JF to wear in the meantime. The same day the JF arrived, the AD called to say my new 116610 was in. Unbelievable, but true! Pictured above and below on day one, still with some of the stickers on (the AD had me remove the rest of them in the shop and they kept the warranty card too).
  6. SharkfactorII

    New 16610 & 116610 today.. what you think?

    Thank you for your help with this.. pics below. Note, I have since flattened out the ring and not there is less up/down play.. but im still getting left/right play of around 30 seconds. The reason I think is the gap in the teeth and the lever..as per my attached drawing. There must be a fix for this?
  7. SharkfactorII

    Just Received My TT Datejust

    That's lovely. Nice choice. My guess is it's a JF because the date font looks the same as the watch I just got (16610).
  8. SharkfactorII

    New 16610 & 116610 today.. what you think?

    Thanks for this. The bezel popped off ok. I took the opportunity to polish all the burrs from from the bezel ring with 2500 grit paper and finished it properly with a cape cop cloth as it was very jaggy, now wonderfully smooth and shiny. I bent the ring a little more, and again a little more, however there is still around 30 seconds of play in the bezel and there it's still a sloppy fit. An aftermarket bezel, ring and click lever should fit ok, should it? Thanks
  9. SharkfactorII

    New 16610 & 116610 today.. what you think?

    I think maybe I ended up with the older version JF (V2). He told me the 15 watch was the latest. I'm pleased regardless. The bezel on the 16610 is very sloppy and loose, is there anything I can do to tighten it?
  10. SharkfactorII

    New 16610 & 116610 today.. what you think?

    Thanks guys. The 16610 is a JF. It came from Andrew/Trustytime. I'm not sure which version it is (v1, v2 or v3?) but it wasn't the first one he offered me, I rejected the first one because it looked a different watch from the pics on the website. He said it was the latest version (I rejected) then showed me the one I have here..so I don't know if it's the latest or a slightly older piece but I do know it's better than the 1st one he offered me.. The one with 15 date I rejected, the 27 date is the watch I bought. Note the rehaut and crown guards, 15 has a wok and little stumps, 27 much better.. ..also rejected because one crown guard was thinker than the other.
  11. Just got both of these absolute beauties today! I'm very pleased, the 16610 is stunning, maybe I'll do the date wheel and a better clasp.. the 116610 I simply cannot fault in any way.. you guys know the watches, I would be interested to hear what you think of them both?
  12. SharkfactorII

    A genuine 2003 TW Best 16610 (eddielee) at 15yrs old

    Thanks guys, very good info.. I'll maybe source the parts and try find a modder to do the work for me.
  13. SharkfactorII

    A genuine 2003 TW Best 16610 (eddielee) at 15yrs old

    As far as I know it will be a genuine ETA 2836-2. I had this one serviced by a local watchmaker, he had no trouble working on it. Just shows good good quality it is for the money - we could have spent the same on a brand named watches and they would not have lasted 15 years of (ab)use and still be in good working order..I see no reason why it isn't good for another 15yrs either. It should last a lifetime. I wish to change the crown for a better looking one, it doesn't have to be genuine, just a better looking one. If I source one from another watch that had the same movement, it should fit right? What about the stem and will it fit the current tube already in the watch? Thanks for any help..
  14. SharkfactorII

    A genuine 2003 TW Best 16610 (eddielee) at 15yrs old

    Thanks guys. The JF 16610: funny you should say! I was browsing trustytime earlier looking at how replicas have evolved.. I was so taken with the JF that I bought one (without engraved rehaut), it looks really good, I'm amazed, especially at the CG's (which they never managed to get right before, albeit it's still only 95% the way there) and now with rep 3135's! I looked at the BP version too, but chose the JF.. Great to see Andrew is still in business and is thriving. I can't wait until my new JF arrives now!
  15. Hi Folks. I used to be on the scene many years ago on TRC (replica collector).. I have a very cool watch that I thought may be interest to you guys, also I would like to hear some views on this particular ancient model versus today's reps - it was the 'best' back in the day - if only for a while. History.. Bought from a brilliant seller named eddielee late 2003/early 2004 (is he still around?). These were good out the box but better when modded, so this one has had some mods, if I can remember correctly.. CG's milled, bezel insert, dial upgrade from another watch (MBW dial I think), Luminova applied, hollow link bracelet from a vintage Sea Dweller rep and a few other bits and bobs I have probably forgotten. I never got round to doing the crown and tube..and I think the bezel insert was replaced again with the poor one you see fitted now. I would like to do a couple more bits now, replace the insert, drill the case holes and fit proper spring bars, replace the crown with a better one... it's time it got some attention! I have been using this amazing watch for 15 years. My brother wore it for a few years, my grandfather wore it when we both got real ones..it's been through so much. For a replica watch, amazing! I think it was serviced at about 2years old and has been running like a 'swiss watch' ever since, water tight the lot! Amazing watch, worth ever penny of the some £300 I paid for it all that time ago. Enjoy some pics of a loved and used old replica Submariner.. and hello from Scotland!