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  1. Hi Group Have had some epic advise on this website. It is true I am going down the rabbit hole HARD and I want to make my 5517 franken watch as gen as possible.. I have the most updated pic I have. I still need two things fix before I can rest on this build and start another one: 1) Have the second hand trimmed down. It's a Phong hand, I know a lot of people on this board warned me about this hand but, since I got a phong dial he guaranteed they would match. 2) I want a gen rolex crown and tube. I feel this would be the last touch needed for my build. Otherwise I very happy with what has been done. I need help to finish. I am a paying customer for someone in the USA to help finish my build must have the skills and must be approved by this board Thanks Jason
  2. Hi Got a set of Phong hands and I hear the second hand is too long. How much do I trim off the hand t make it correct?
  3. How much of the second hand do I cut off to be correct?
  4. Update: I recently bought a Phong dial and hand set. I have heard the Phong second hand is too long. My question is how much do you cut of the second hand to make it correct? Home About us OEM Privacy Terms Basket Contact Favorites Feedback Fraud RLX Information Specials 5517.docx
  5. Hi Looking to pay someone to help finish a 5517 Rolex build. I have the following: 1520 Rolex out of an air king 5517 Rolex case set up for 1520 rolex movement What I need: Rolex 5517 dial Rolex 5517 hands someone to put it all together Let me know if you are interested! Thanks Jason
  6. Wow really nice builds they are great! the hands and dials are amazing! Hi here are the pics I have of the case. Any ideas who made it? I am very excited about the build. I have had a lot of good feedback. I am going to buy a Phong dial unless someone else has a better idea? I still need hands and someone I can pay to age them a little possibly and do the build. I will obvious pay for this service. Want to make sure I get the right people on board. Thank you so much for all the help! Great advice thank you!
  7. Hi I am new to the RWG world and have seen some amazing things you have been with watches. I am totally blown away. With that being said, I need help from a master to build my dream 5517 Frankenwatch. I have a 1520 movement just had serviced from my 5500 Air King. I want to donate the movement to my new build and possibly sell or trade the dial, hands, case, and oyster bracelet. With this being said I wish I had known about this board first. I may of already made a noob mistake. I bought this case on Ebay for $900. Crap have I already been hosed? I do anything else stupid I need two things. What pieces I should buy for this build? Who can I hire to put this project together? I want a watch I can keep for a long time. Thanks Jason Please contact me if you are interested in helping me! christensenjason5@gmail.com
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