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  1. Happy Birthday Tikerz!

  2. GMT Master II c Serial no

    I believe the Z serial models are older like V2 or older. The Z serial ones had black painted rehaut "engravings" too where the V serial engravings are not colored. I've owned the GMTIIC 5 or 6 different times since it came out and the latest one I picked up is a V3 with V serial. V3 upgrades are a thicker bezel assembly which results in a slight recess of the ceramic bezel and a more proper crystal height. The bezel numbers are brighter, larger, and deeper cut. The crown is slight shorter.
  3. Ferrari Scuderia Chrono Pushers

    That happened to me too. One day the pusher fell out and all I was left with was a spring. The pusher is screwed in so if it gets unscrewed, you're screwed! I had no luck in getting it fixed and ended up selling it for parts. Good luck!
  4. Pam 111 - Running loud

    Pocket watch movements like the 6497 tend to be louder than other watch movements. It's normal.
  5. gen or rep? (checking your knowledge)

    Based on looking at that endlink in the last picture, I'd say rep. Plus it's just plain fugly!
  6. Speedmaster Pro w/ New Clear Caseback!

    What a beautiful movement! You should wear it facing out!
  7. How To Extract Movement From Pam127

    The movement comes out of the front.
  8. Pam 187 Serial Numbers

  9. Improved Pam 212

    The tick marks still point inward rather than outward.
  10. Gen 188 For Sale

    I think that's a gen. How do I know? Because I think I have the rep that's closest to gen...
  11. The Most Important Watch Function....

    For me, it's the crown guard. Without it, I would break off all the crowns on my watches. I prefer to have a date on my watches.
  12. Fiddy With A 6497 Running Over An Hour Fast

    Magnetized perhaps?