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    Why what else? Watches!!! Whiskey/whisky, Wine..

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  1. HAHAH Hi there... Wow BSH reppin lol.
  2. Yaaa! we need moar!!!!! $5 Nomos!!! Come on lol.
  3. Hmmm add some Talisker and we are set. I found a great cheap blended scotch burner for every day drink. It is called Islay Mist. 8yr and the great thing about it is it is blended with Laphroaig..... $33 cad and I can drink as much camp fire smoke as I want.
  4. Whoa whoa whoa!!!! Slow down Bro, let's see what they are offering first. Then we can talk shop. I am everywhere yet nowhere in particular....
  5. Like I said in the lounge, I love it.....
  6. Bonjour ca va?.....I do not have much more lol..
  7. I have not been here long but we are all Family. Love and Positivity will help you through and it sounds like you have both in spades. So take care and get well.
  8. Cool story bro.. hahah I could not resist that. I actually did like the story thou. My Mother drove me nuts in the 70's as I was growing up, I am 47 now. She used to play Chicago and Blood, Sweat and Tears all the time. I did not understand why they had a horn section in a "Rock Band.' Fast Forward to last Summer. Chicago was touring so I had to bring my 15yr old Daughter with me to see the act. She is an old soul and loves the music. Needless to say, I shed a tear for my long gone Mom, hugged my Daughter and Wife, and enjoyed every note. Great show and incredible band. Thanks for the memories MOAB. Got me a bit moist around my Eye holes for some reason.
  9. I love Laphroaig!! I usually buy a cheap blend for "Everyday use." The cheaper blend is in fact a blend that includes Laphroaig at a fraction of the price, A Laphroaig rep if you will LOL. It is called Islay mist 8yr. I mean you can't go wrong with 8 year, Why wait for it to reach 12 or 18.... And hey! who doesn't like em young....A step to far maybe?
  10. YES!!! Fellow Canucks, I am in Toronto. I have 1 sub par rep and a couple more on the way. I bought them from a few places that are not known for quality. I originally got the first for a mod project but after wearing it. I do not want to mess it up lol. I am planning on grabbing a rolex or tudor from trusty or puretime soon.
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