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  1. aj76

    Vintage Omega

    Yes, that's also what i was wondering with the dials! Hmmm. The seller is from Sweden, i think! Thank you for the advice. I have heard and read as well that the sub dial is somehow more in demand and fetches a higher price. Thank you so much and i think i'll take your advice to heart and evaluate more models to increase chances of getting one that sticks.
  2. aj76

    Vintage Omega

    These are also ones i'm considering though i am wondering about the inconsistent onyx application.
  3. aj76

    Vintage Omega

    Thank you for this! I got the watch already 2 days ago and i took some time to wear and examine it before getting back to you folks. So it looks the same as the picture but as i was examining it, the bezel popped off (there were some dried substances around the edges between bezel and case) - apparently the bezel was pasted on with some mix of epoxy. Not sure if this is because of the acrylic but the seller mentioned i could just get some epoxy to stick it back. Or Mighty Bond / Super duper glue if i have no plans of opening it up to the movement. The accuracy was stated to be +/- 15 seconds a day but came to around to 36 seconds instead. So i'll be returning it due to this reason. Off to searching again. Found some ones now and considering maybe these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/OMEGA-Seamaster-Deville-Round-Hand-winding-Leather-Belt-Mens-Watch-490435/254338261095?hash=item3b37bde067:g:7vwAAOSw5uxdX03l or https://www.omegaenthusiastltd.com/product-page/1963-omega-seamaster-30-2 Do you mean it's a different dial placed on this case (franken) or the dial was edited (lines painted on)? How would one know if it's a 'redial'? Seller is in the Philippines!
  4. aj76

    Vintage Omega

    Humble yet helpful! Been quite very informative on my end. You've addressed concerns leading up to my first buy. Thank you. Ahhh, what a bummer! Would've been fun to tinker around with NOS pieces. I've found a seller of hands so might try them out http://www.ofrei.com/page864.html I'm good to proceed now. So, again, thanks very much!
  5. aj76

    Vintage Omega

    I see! Uh-huh, uh-huh, got this! Thank you! Just 1 last thing, if that's alright: I got additional pictures and the hands look really black: whereas while researching the same model, this is the one i saw: The prospective piece i'm thinking of getting has really black hands - would you happen to know if that's an effect of oxidization by age? There looks like a thin sliver of silver in the minute hand (which, if they're the same watch, it used to be black...? (weird)) while the hour hand is completely black. Again, thank you for the knowledge and kindness.
  6. aj76

    Vintage Omega

    Thank you kindly! Hey there! Thanks and thanks so much for the elaboration. This was such an interesting read - deeper into the rabbit hole we go! The history of the logistics and the monocoque case (and it's failure) are all so alluring. May i know what kind of signs i would have to look out for if the generic crystal's not put on properly - how would i know if it is or not and what would be the effect? Finally, just to clarify, it's not a frankenwatch by the looks of it, right? Been looking for a manual wound one specifically, actually! Thank you so much.
  7. Hi, folks! Decided to take the plunge on the rabbit hole that is Vintage Omegas. Still learning much about this corner of watch collecting and was wondering if i could get your thoughts on this piece i'm thinking of getting: These are the specifications on the sellers posting: Vintage Omega Seamaster De Ville cal. 601 Price: USD375 - fresh manual wind cal 601 movement - fresh champagne dial and hands - omega signed crown - keeps good time - brand new AF Swiss crystal (only part of the watch changed apart from strap) - black vintage style leather strap - case 35mm What do you folks think? Does the watch look genuine all bits and worth the price? The seller hasn't opened it so no way to check the movement accdg. to him. Thanks!
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