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  1. I see, in that case this is way overpriced. Thanks.
  2. I was just checking these new releases out: http://www.trustytime01.cc/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=352&products_id=20376 http://www.trustytime01.cc/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=352&products_id=20378 They look pretty nice I think. I haven't gotten any reps since 2014. And never had a Rolex. YachtMaster has always been my favorite but I stayed away from Rolex for all those years. But now, this looks kind of tempting. Any thoughts about those new Noob models? Thanks!
  3. The last number was 150. The 151 one was done purposely.
  4. New ones run at $358. They used to be much less but not anymore.
  5. Looks like the price went up too. It's not bad though, a decent update.
  6. So there is really no reason to pay extra for ETA anymore. I did the same thing with JLC Navy Diver since the movement it had was crap and could not even be regulated.
  7. I had the Seagull installed in mine, brand new also serviced and regulated. Deviation is only 2+ seconds a day. I put the watch crown up for the night and it goes back 2-. So it keeps perfect time. The movement was $90. It's really a no brainer, and it is as accurate as the gen.
  8. A guy at my work bought few homage pieces based on Panerai historic models, 111 etc. They are piece of [censored] compared to Noob or H Fact.
  9. I read a detailed review with pictures on a different forum posted by someone who received it and it gets major thumbs up. So I wanted to share it here. This is possibly a best Patek rep now. http://www.pure-time.com/product/calatrava-5227-ss-white-dial-on-black-leather-strap-a2824/ http://www.pure-time.com/product/calatrava-5227-rg-white-dial-on-brown-leather-strap-a2824/
  10. Bummer that you cannot get this one anymore. The updated version with Miyota movement has wrong hands that are too thin.
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