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  1. Great to know-I will try them. Any specific brands are better than some???? Thank you so much!!!!!
  2. Repchat was the best handbag source but has since shut down. So many good sellers were closed, they tried to reopen a few times but I guess some really got into trouble. It was a matter of time. Jacky was the best seller. There are still many others, but they are hard to find, work only through WeChat (not a clue how to use that yet). I have been out of the buying game for 4 years and now I am trying to work back into it. I have most of the authentic for now, just want some fun reps to add. Did Repgeek shut down? Can anyone provide info for me????
  3. Hello, I am new to this forum. Found you through Andrew-TT. I have been a rep buyer for over 10 years, but took a long break. Mostly handbags, but a few watches. I cannot find Repgeek sites was wondering if it was shut down. I use to be active there. Hoping to gain a lot of knowledge here to keep my man happy!!!
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