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  1. I just sent the money and watch today. The firm: Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP is a real firm and if you Google they have sent people to court. I just wanted peace of mind and you can Google the name, it is a real firm. I know you all will say I was stupid.
  2. Hello to all. Ignorantly, (and I say ignorantly because, in all honesty, I had NO idea it was illegal to sell AAA watches on Ebay. I have even seen stores on Facebook where, as I did, they describe that what people are buying is AAA! I did know the watch was a AAA and wrote it on the descriptin) I put up a fake AAA Rolex watch on Ebay. The auction was shut down and, a week or two ago by Ebay. Tuesday I got an e-mail (and was also sent by letter to my former adress) from Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP telling me I should send a check for $350 and my watch to them. I suffer from a panic disorder and got very nervous so I decided to call them and also write back that I was willing to help in anything and also that I had no idea (the truth) that you could not auction AAA watches on Ebay. My question is if this has happened to anyone else as I know they are a real law firm. Is there anyway, if I had to, that they could not make me pay $350 and just send the watch? I have until the 17th. I am lost here... Thanks
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