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  1. I just harvested a Swiss 2836-2 based 3135 clone looks great for the 16200 build
  2. 16233 Nice! That would be the next build I think the total cost is around $325 so it’s a cheapie nice beater I think i will upgrade it with a gen 2836-2 in the future
  3. Hey thanks for your advice The crown is not gen spec and caseback also 😁 Hey I have replaced some stems I first mounted the crown on the stem then I put it in the movement then I measured the distance from the end of the tube to the crown all the way in that distance I then cut the stem and always went well i hope this is the correct way
  4. Hey guys I started with a 16200 build. I ordered the following components - raffles 2836-2 case - gen 16200 silver dial - arf crown and tube - gen caseback - tudor 2824-2 hands - Asian 2836-2 because of the movement height - raffles braclet - raffles 3135 dwo this is my first official build i have worked on cartel watches before but never datejust. Are there people with the same build? if so give me some advice i have all the tools and will upload photos when everything is in here Some pictures of the dial
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