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  1. I can’t figure out how to create an account and login to view their bracelets.
  2. I’m somewhat starting my search for a bracelet. The info I see is that the best bracelet is a 7206 with 80 end links. 58 end links will work, and a 6636 bracelet would be appropriate as well. Both of those tend to be 2-3k from what I’ve seen online. Any other recommendations? Maybe some that aren’t so pricey that will fit? I see some of the more current Oyster bracelets that are non Rivet and not vintage that are more reasonable. Other thought is maybe put a black Everest band on it.
  3. Whoa! Very impressed... that lines up year wise when he had it installed too. Thank you!!!
  4. Can anyone help identify the current bezel I have on the watch? Installed in the 70s , looks like a Turnograph? But , the no “30” at the 6 o’clock position I haven’t seen.
  5. Does anyone notice that the current bezel insert has no 30 at the 6 o’clock position. It looks like a Turn o graph insert, but I have not seen one with no 30 on the insert. My grandfather had it installed in the 70’s when the original broke, so I would really be surprised if it was not a genuine Rolex bezel insert
  6. Thank you, I agree. I never knew how special this watch was watching my grandad wear it when I was young. He wore it as his “daily driver” so to speak for 50 years plus. I’m lucky to own it.
  7. I won’t be getting rid of the bezel and bracelet that are one it, but I want to bring it back to how it was meant to look. I think my grandfather would have if he would have had the parts. I think a good replica Bakelite and a River style bracelet with correct end links will make it really look perfect. I appreciate the input, pics to follow when it’s done !
  8. Greetings, I inherited a 1958 GMT master ref. 6542 from my Grandfather who passed away in 2013. He purchased the watch new in 1959 In Rammstein Germany while in the Air Force. He was a career pilot and I imagine he picked this watch out because it was a useful tool for a pilot to have. In the 70’s the original bezel broke and his watch service ship installed another submariner style bezel on it( I imagine back then without the internet it was harder to source parts). He also replaced the original bracelet( may have broke or who knows). He put a JB Champion brick bracelet on it as you seen in the photos. I purchased a Bakelite replica bezel for it, And plan on getting a genuine 7206 with 58 end links (if I can find the right deal). He wore the watch for over 50 years and it has held up wonderfully. The dial and hands are original. Here are some photos of the watch, along with a picture of my Grandfather wearing it in 1965 or 66. He worked for the test flight program at Edwards Air Force base in the 60s and 70s after he retired and wore the watch daily. So the watch has some very cool Flight related history as well.
  9. I actually was referred to an eBay seller of Bakelite repros today from this site. I purchased onefor $450 (not cheap but options are limited) and he is local in the LA area. The pictures look good, I am optimistic it will really bring the watch back to its original look. I am either going to find an authentic 7206 Rivet bracelet for it , or I may put a vintage style brown leather band . Another option is a black Everest rubber band for practically and wearability. The dial and hands are in very very good shape, and have a nice vintage look to them. I was originally thinking of selling this watch to buy a couple of 16710 GMT ‘s for my father and I as a tribute to my Grandfather. The problem is, I am falling in love with this watch. Here is a photo of my Grandfather wearing the watch in 1965
  10. Old thread but here is a pic of my inherited 6542
  11. @JoeyB I am looking for some help with with a 6542 I inherited from my Grandfather. The original Bakelite broke some time in the 70’s and he replaced it with a Submariner bezel. I would like a bakelite style bezel but can’t and won’t spend the money on an authentic. I saw a post of yours from years back where you were making them. Any advice, insight, or guidance on where to acquire a Bakelite replica would be huge! attached are some pics of the 6542. Thank you! Rob
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