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  1. Hey all ! Im start to plan to build some things and to do the first "study" of feasability, I start gathering some informations. It is all about (for now) a 6536/1. I've seen that phong sell case for this model but it is very expensive. Much more than Ruby... Bu this side, Ruby tells me that he (she ?) won't get 6536 case (maybe anymore, or just as for now). So do you guys have other options for sourcing such a rare case ? Many thanks !
  2. Hey there ! Many thanks for your beautiful forum ! Im in this watch thing since 2-3 years now and RWG is a goldmine for me ! All starts with a replica that my father bring from U.S like 15 years ago, of a 34mm oyster perpetual very awful, but he gets it for 5$... I found this watch in a old box and - even if it is not as good as a good rep - I fell in love with the design. I start reading about rolex and of course I start being obsessed with them and other brands. My first own rep was a 116610 ARF, then a Jeager: master ultra thin moon. During a trip to LA I bought my first gen: a very nice 16030. Now I start to learn how to build some vintage ones as I have some holy grail in mind: early 1016, 6536, 6542, 1675... Im pretty passionate into every mechanical things that are what humans makes at their best like automatic winding movement... Anyway.... boring presentation as you all guys have this same crazy hobby ! Nice to meet you to !
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