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  1. Hey guys! So basically I’ve having someone fix a screw up another watchsmith made, they swapped my 2824 movement because they did not know how to reattach the stem that came out. The movement used was crap quality based on the loud ball bearing sound. He also swapped the original hands with the Mercedes hands for some reason and left a gap in the date wheel window. I sent the current watchsmith who had good reviews on here the watch, 2824 movement from ebay and hand replacements. The issue is that there's no way to get the date wheel or a date wheel overlay which they have to center over
  2. Sorry it’s a 41mm! Gen would be pricey right?
  3. Hey guys, Any info on where I can get a datewheel overlay that fits a a2824 and fits a genuine dial? The current datewheel is too far too the right. Basically a watchsmith is fixing a previous watchsmiths “fix” where he swapped the original a2824 for some garbage.
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