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  1. Happy Birthday mrandazzo!

  2. Lol ZK thought you were older! Anyway, I agree: everything is [censored] up, even at work or in the real world.
  3. Dear all, In this new year I wish all the best to Rwg and to all of you. Waiting the new year I'll wear my trusty 14060M COSC. No Wristshot sadly. Best luck guys. Cheers!
  4. Santa got me the nice Nifty Fifty, the 50mm f1.8. It's a little piece of plastic, but sucks light nicely and do the job for a 100 euro circa. I'm, really happy with it! Nice bookeeeeeehlicious pics! Anyway, I'm using the 50 f1.8 on a crop sensor (EOS 600D), it's 50 * 1.6. Good for portraits, details, but it puts a limit to what you can actually shoot. So I'm twitched between a Canon 35mm f2, 28mm f1.8 (wider and more light!!!) and the crop sensor designed Sigma 30mm f1.4. Does anyone have a 35 mm f2? Or the 28mm f1.8? I mainly do shoot watches and street photography. I think I'll not choose the Sigma, only because I might upgrade in the future to a full frame body... Any advice welcome!
  5. Gen Tudor boxes are really good, aren't them? They are better than Rolex IMHO. Congrats and merry christmas!
  6. Lol dude! No 14060 rep looks good. Not even the wokky new ceramic one. I bet case and insert are 1 mm smaller than 16610 sub case. So no franken either.
  7. Since this review I worn only the Omega as a daily beater. Tomorrow I'll switch back to Rolex. I consider them my two favorite watches, but I have to admit I have a favorite one. Sadly nothing has the size, charme, appearence, appeal, sexyness of a steel submariner.
  8. Poljot made this "ocean" vintage model. They look like the original OKEAH. 7733 Poljot clone, known as 3133. Manual winding,
  9. The sub is smaller. You should try it on the wrist. They have pros and cons just like everything in life. The Omega is a stunning watch and gen lume charge very hard! Thanks everyone for the appreciation.
  10. Fidhle, it looks nice 'coz it's a gen 14060m cosc from 2009 V serial :-)
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