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  1. Hayst

    Thank you.

    Good news as my lass will be home later this week and can pick up the watch...I really am looking forward to seeing her. On the watch front, it has been just over five days nine hours and the watch has gained just under 7 1/2 seconds so I am guessing that it has settled to a gain of under 2 seconds per day. Yes I am pleased.
  2. Hayst

    Thank you.

    I set this yesterday at 1 second fast, shews less than 1 second (faster) variation in 24 hours. Not real scientific but I am pleased as punch.
  3. Hayst

    Thank you.

    She is down in Ballarat at Uni so has only seen pics, I finished it last night and shall send it down during the week. She does like the pictures.
  4. Hayst

    Thank you.

    Thought someone may be interested in how my daughter's watch came up.
  5. Hayst

    Thank you.

    That is the old O&W case. I have since picked up all I require for a watch for my daughter. A 34mm Raffles Tudor case, Tudor dial and hands, and a Eta 2824-2 top grade. Just waiting for a 5.3mm Rolex crown and a leather Tudor case to turn up before I start. I have already installed Rolex pendant tubes and chased out the threads in both cases.
  6. To those have posted on these here fora I would like to extend my thanks, for I have been quietly gleaning information from your posts over the past months that I might build a watch for work. I like the simplicity of the oyster case and the explorer dial so decided to go that way...sans branding as I just wanted watch that would stand up to daily use of shovels, chainsaws, and every other unsavoury job the council can throw at me. I stripped an old Ollech und Wajs that had seen better days and salvaged a couple of other bits and pieces from a couple of other watches, these parts I put together in an unbranded Raffles case with dial and hands from same vendor. Raffles 16200 case Raffles dial Raffles hand set Eta 2824-2 Elabore unmarked jubilee bracelet from ebay. Shitload of patience, tweezers, and large magnifying glass...and very sore knees from crawling about on the wood floor looking for all those damnably horrible wee screws I dropped. Please note that I was not trying to emulate a Rolex so didn't give a toss if the whole thing isn't correct...it works and suits me, twenty one seconds slow in the past seven days is good enough. Regards. Ps, yes that big scarred mitt with the calluses all over it did actually manage the task. Had not done this before, it was interesting.
  7. Does anyone out there know if a gen 1600 case back will fit a Raffles 16200 case?
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