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  1. Happy Birthday Faber!

  2. gruppo gamma on snake....vintage project today upload images
  3. ebay always have SA dials for a good price...just a quick mod and you will got a perfect one...
  4. Happy Birthday Faber!

  5. wow amazing...will be great project...keep us update
  6. Was kind of bored today at my office:popcorn:...so i decided to build some different straps...so i found some old leather from other projects and decided to build 2 straps...one for a rxw mm and one for the 4000m diver...my 4000m diver is the cheapest one....no fats release so it was much easier...in the end it was fun to build and got some really good combo...leather looks great on the h diver...crap pics from my old iphone...
  7. wow the first watch is stunning...need to buy one of this...vintage feel but with a modern touch....enjoy it...
  8. wow great shot and really like the x mas buckle
  9. skull on buffallo... adult image hosting
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