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  1. Are these 7206 replicas available from anyone, anywhere, anymore? Been trying to get hold of one for my pending project.
  2. Please excuse my ignorance. How to leave feedback for a trade concluded nowadays? Thanks.
  3. The gen. is on the left, no doubt about it. How is it compared to the latest Noob 904L SD43 actually? Anyone got a hand on it already?
  4. Has anyone come across the Noob V8 SD43 released 3 months ago yet? Putting the 904L SS aside, how does it compared with the ARF V2 version? Both of them have the A2824 housed so I guess they have a very similar case dimension. Am I correct that the ARF V2 still has the sharp bezel teeth and overpowered cyclop issues? Does the Noob V8 have the similar problems too?
  5. Hi D, have you eventually installed the gen. 703 tube onto the ARF126600? Is it necessary to do the tapping for the installation?
  6. I understand, Kilo. But the dial was donated from which watch? I don't think Bigwaved can supply the dial, he's the expert for the painting job only, right?
  7. Very nice collection indeed, Kilo You surely have a thing for this legendary timepiece. What/whose dials do you use for your 6154?
  8. Thanks for the info, Kilo. Have these watches shown in your pic been reshaped or they are raw ex dealer? BTW, which is correct? Thick or thin caseback?
  9. Thanks again for your advice, holo. This is good news to know you can do the case reshaping. Should shoot you a PM in due course. BTW, is the gen dial for 6154 a 3pc sandwich(Aluminum, plexi + brass) with just 1-1.2mm? To my eyes, it is definitely a sandwich dial, right?
  10. Thanks for the info and comments, gents. In such case, is Athaya's 3pc dial correct as per gen? It stated as 3mm thickness which I feel is very thick for a dial. BTW, any idea who on RWG will do the PAM case reshaping? Particularly for the 6154 cases. Any referrals would be most appreciated. Thanks again.
  11. Currently heading for a 6154 build project. Searching for the case to start with. Anyone has the experience with the Athaya 6154 case? Is it accurate at all since 6154 has a very unique shape/finish over the usual Radiomirs. Thanks.
  12. I see, thanks, D So the construction is not 100% par to the gen then.
  13. Thanks for the clarification, D. I don't actually own an 116610, so not fully understood, lol. In this case, the Bezel fastening ring is actually attached inside the bezel in your pic, right? Sorry for my ignorance.
  14. Thanks again, D, for the details. But where is that "crystal securing ring in Ti" gone? It doesn't seem to be shown in your case dissection pic. Your retainer = Bezel fastening ring? Am I correct?
  15. Yes D, it was my typo. I did mean ARF, not DW, lol. According to Pombok's info, if the tube hole has the right diameter already, why further tapping is needed? The threads on the case is different to that of the gen tube? If that's the case, drilling is then necessary. If countersinking is needed, what is the drill size to be used? What's the difference of a gen click spring to that on the rep? To me, the biggest hiccup is to get access of the gen crystal, which is almost nowhere to be found...…..
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