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  1. Thanks for the pics Grim, they are great. I have to say from initial look at the first ones (I'll go through em all later ) it does look pretty good, better than expected even, nice case, dial decent, even the dw not so bad. In fact if not mistaken it looks like it could have inner AR?? Not sure though, will have a look through them, thanks for uploading.
  2. Thanks Grim for the feedback. Please show us some pics if you can do, regardless of quality, dealers pics are hard to see anything, always good to see home pics. What surprises me is the sales page pics on site clearly show they have AR, but the QC pics don't. May well be good photoshoping in the sales pics though. I thought yours might have some AR from your pics Grim but it is not always easy to tell on white dials. To check for AR you should tilt the crystal at an angle towards a light, if there is a split between the reflection then you should see the layers of coating, often they are coloured differently, such as yellow inner layer, blue outer layer etc. Example is similar to this:
  3. Thanks van damme, agree it could be much better for the price, when compared with other watches in the $300-$350 range it doesn't really stack up. The captains still looks pretty good though and will be keeping an eye on grimreapers feedback. Lets hope that angus maker gets things going and produces something soon, getting a factory to do some aqua terras is like pulling teeth at this stage
  4. Hi fraggle, just updating from the BB thread on puretimes section, for people that are not on the geek etc. here: http://www.repgeek.com/showthread.php?t=187824&page=150 ....thread is getting hard to follow unless you read through all the padding
  5. Those aviation security labels are a new thing so some ask to fill them in some don't, sort of like another sticky label declaring that the package contains nothing that could explode, lithium batteries etc.
  6. You have paypal as comeback, but firstly forget the watch for a sec and buy the seller so to speak. That is, who is he? What forums is he on, what reputation has he got, make sure he didn't just appear out of thin air etc. Ask for a phone number and check references of other sales. Is this an ebay deal or outside of ebay?
  7. I tend to put something like, 'watch parts', or 'damaged watch for repair' etc, bracelet is fine. With gift they tend to want a description anyway so up to you whether to tick it or not. Also some people prefer to put a low value around $40- $50 and tick gift so as not to invite too much perusal from customs, up to you whether you want to do that. You'll probably be asked to fill in an aviation security label now as well.
  8. Nice one Arch, congrats! As for updates, almost lost interest. Seems another round of mayhem ensued and someone seriously dropped the ball on the production of the rep crystals. They apparently need to now go off and re make the crystals from scratch. CNY seems more likely for release, that is ensuring all goes smoothly from here!?
  9. I constantly use both Airsure and International SF back and forth to Ireland. Essentially they are almost the same thing in terms of insurance etc. For Airsure the driver scans the package on hand over/delivery to you so sort of like an electronic signature vs SF which gets you to sign. Two things, Airsure is consistently slightly faster with great tracking, but SF is just a little slower but more secure, an old school registered under lock and key at all points type service. Both are good, watch services like watchfinder use Airsure.
  10. Crazy fading, these do seem to be fading in general use for some people, rather than specific abrasive rubbing the numbers off. Not good, no sign of any attempt at correcting this from BP either, other than dealers sending out a new insert with same issue! But hey at least on the cpo the the dial numbers and logos are all dead straight!
  11. Thanks for the pics VD, jebus, no AR, at all? What were they thinking? That definitely doesn't have any AR. Another afterthought for BP! Not good really, From your golf you'll know that these newer omegas have the best clearest AR in the industry so they don't get away without some good AR in rep form. As mentioned by R, $328 is a little expensive starting price to be leaving out stuff like this.
  12. They do look pretty decent tbh especially from the front, and they may surprise us all when we have them in hand, will be great to see them in the metal, I still think the dws look odd, but it just might be the pics, and some other odd BP factory quality QC in other areas a proper look in the metal will reveal more. Definitely best available right now... I wonder also if the 20mm bracelet on the 41mm will fit the old 39mm AT...Hmmm
  13. I'm wondering what they did with the dials details overall, very tempted to buy the golf for a look, but if the blue is out in a few days/week might be worth hanging on for, in one sense I'm delighted to see some ATs out, in another sense BP are known for fairly poor attention to detail so a little wary, then again these are reps right. And as grim says we probably wont see better for a while. I can't believe now that the factory angus got went out any bought the 41mm grey, when everyone and their dog was asking for the 39mm blue! If you look at the gens they have very high attention to detail in the markers/hands with brushed areas contrasting with polished etc, will be interesting to see if they could pull off anything remotly close looking.
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