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  1. how did you get in my album???? these are my genuine 183g pics.
  2. yes i can confirm... i ordered this movement as asian swanneck. you can tell its a fast beat by the size of thge gear teeth on the ceneter gear... smaller and more teeth on the gears equals hi rate. the gen has the same size teeth as the asian. the swiss if it really is swiss is not as accurate and the finish is the same.
  3. yes tk471, these are really good quality from what i have seen and in my opinion as good as the swiss but i think better for reps as they use the correct rate as the 6497-2 in the gens. i still do not think the swannecks were ever "swiss" anyways.... asian E-G series fast beat swanneck (left is my 183g gen) asian H-J series fast beat swanneck
  4. lol... i do have lots of gens but not for doing mod work on reps are fun anyone can buy a gen pam who has a credit card...but to build a "perfect rep" is a challenge.
  5. i am glad someone finally posted some pics so everyone can see what the issue stemed from. in the pics, (this is the first time i've seen them) i see a few things that do not make sense to me like the black sprinkles in the movement? and the crushed tube on the gmt hand??? no idea what this is.. the crown tube was drilled larger inside to fit the crown but i could not fit it closer to the case because the cg lever would not touch it if it were closer. i did a 63 later after this one and fitted an h series cg i polished which fitted the crown closer to the case. i am
  6. you have to wonder... if they can clone this movement so close... why not clone a rolex movement and then they get higher prices for a cheaper movement??? the asian swanneck 6497 has come a loooong way since it first appeared, and is now a very nice finished and well built movement, i'm guessing that in 4-6 months time this is as close to ETA as we will see in any new reps.... i hope it's good!
  7. stephane, i have mounted genuine gator straps from thewatchboys at ebay (great straps) about $100 but i never realized how cheap you can get a slightly worn genuine strap on paneristi.. i bought so far 8 genuine pam straps and spend less than 1g. gen rubber straps are awesome! go for around $80 and would be my first choice on the 112H. i 90% of the time wear my gens on the rubber straps these days. looks awesome with the clean 112H dial!
  8. yes....it's settled...i'm ok with lanakai... The Zigmeister need not be involved .. doesn't matter. time to close the thread..
  9. if this is what you are so upset about, i can understand. the mods are all done. and more. 111h for relume and cannon flush * upgrade dial installed at my cost with filled indices done by myself with tritec superlume (done) * tall cannon pin is installed. asian version (done) * upgrade davidsen hands at my cost because i thought they looked better quality than what it had. (done) 029 for relume, datewheel, gen crown install, and cg tighten mod * dial and hands relumed (done) * datewheel installed (done) * cg tighten mod (done) * gen crown install (done) no claimed work was
  10. dam! thats a great deal! i got mine used 1 month for $3500...love the watch!
  11. its just a cheap film to mimic AR coating. easy to remove with solvents and elbow grease. then send it to chieftang or others for a genuine AR coating.
  12. thanks for your kind words... i will focus on teaching others to do thier own mods and will continue to post pics of my own personal modded watches. my rate of happy customers vs dissapointed customers is about 30/1. good odds but maybe not good enough. too much stress when no matter what i do i cannot make everyone happy. i try my best but there i always a bad day every now and then.
  13. i have been a member here for a long time and started doing mod work as a hobby about a year ago. It's been a challenge but continued to be very fun to do and learn. i have dealt with most all members on the forum at one point or nother and i always am friendly, do my best to help out, post pictorials, and just enjoy our hobby. Recently in the last 6 months i have had my pm box full constantly with mod work requests and i turn down probably 80-90% of them as i do not have much spare time to be away from my family. i never claim my work to be the best on the planet or claim that i can
  14. the watch on the left is one of my gens. the right is one of my mod packages.
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