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  1. Happy Birthday Cegidius!

  2. Hello everyone! Well, i have been lurking around here on RWG for quite some time now, reading and trying to gain at least some knowledge about reps. But now, finally, i guess i´m ready to take the plunge (well, at least for a watch. I have been dealing with the ever so great Ken). But of course, before jumping into it, it is smart to ask some of you more experienced reppers, to make it less likely to make a bad jump. So, anyways, i have narrowed it down to wanting a Breitling rep. (i do want a Submariner too, but after reading a lot, BK is the man, and im not ready to start of with somet
  3. Happy Birthday Cegidius!

  4. I must agree. Though, the new ones look good in the snow as well!
  5. I´m just gonna guess and say... ...a watch? What do i win??
  6. This guy didn´t enjoy his trip to Australia... But Osama is was welcome:
  7. Haha! Love the "Sharks with freakin lasers"!
  8. Fantastic! But i do wonder how you found this scene... ...from a Norwegian talk-show?
  9. I really don´t know if they use Ford designers here, but in real life it actually looks more like a Land Rover/ Range Rover then you would think. My family has allways been "addicted" to Range Rovers, and we currently have all the 3 different generations of the "proper" Rangie. Side by side you can see that they do belong to the same family. And also, as a "second" car this one is perfect for Norway, partly because of the winters/weather, and partly for car prices. This one starts at about $90 000 (Small diesel engine, manual gear and 2x4). The model shown with a proper engine, 4x4, automatic
  10. The new beauty! Unfortunatly this is not the actual car, but the demo car we are testing. Our car is in order, expected delivery around december, and it looks exactly like the demo, which is a white Range Rover Evoque Dynamic with black interior. Fantastic car! (if you like the English made cars i guess... We here are crazy about them, and this one is number 4! )
  11. How did you get you package so fast? My tracking number hasn´t had an update since it left Guangzhou 1 week ago Also, did you get any updates before it arrived in Sweeden? Oh, and Welcome from a "neighbor" in Norway
  12. Here is an easy way to repair your watch;
  13. Maybe Jesus liked it and decided to appear! He must be a frequent visitor here in the forum. Good one! Ultimate version!
  14. Is it just me, or has my original image turned into Jesus? Changed back now!
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